• Why are you not allowing a comparison of Aklex Prime to Lex Prime? It seems like a more relevant comparison than Aklex to Aklex Prime. As it was the first thing I wanted to know when looking at the page. Given that when considering the merits of the weapon, I wanted to know how much more reload time I was going to get and how many bullets I would get for that time and whether there were any pitfalls as with Bronco Prime and Akbronco Prime.

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    • we do not compare single variants with dual variants in the characteristics section, if you would like to make mention of the differences between the singles and duals, put it in the notes section

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    • I see, though I still think it is an important comparison. Given that they use some of the same parts, and that choosing between them requires comparison. I was specifically interested in the differences of reload speed and magazine size given that it is the main tradeoff. 

      Thank you for your quick reply, and I understand the need for adherence page rules.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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