• Hello, and thanks for helping. I finally got my hands on a primed mod, and I really want to put it to use, but I know the one I have, Primed Continuity, works better for some frames vs others. For instance, I think EV Trinity is supposed to actually have reduced duration.

    I will list all my available frames below, and would appreciate input regarding which frames/builds are best for a lot of duration. I prefer using a frame that will survive and do well in late and endgame, so developing a frame for that will be my focus right now, if that helps narrow your recommendations. Thanks again. 

    Ash Prime 


    Frost Prime 



    Nekros Prime 

    Nova Prime 

    Saryn Prime 


    Trinity Prime 

    Valkyr Prime  

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    • NOVA  

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    • First of all, Nova gets maximum duration if you're planning on using her ult.

      Secondly, survivability is not entirely a thing dependent on the warframe. Survivability also depends on the user. Squishier frames can be just as survivable as tanky frames if you know how to move around and not be a bullet sponge.

      Thirdly, Nekros can use the duration for a Shadows of the Dead. Remember Tenno, Nekros has more than just Desecrate in his arsenal...

      Fourth, Saryn can use the duration for just about any build I can think of. For the Spores/Miasma build, duration is a great benefit, as well as in the Toxic Lash build for bonus melee damage and whatnot.

      Link Trinity and Bless Trinity benefit from duration as well. Link also needs range, so keep that in mind if you decide to create a Link Trinity build. 

      Duration would extend the amount of time that Frost's ult keeps the enemies frozen. That could be used for crowd control purposes. Also, the Chilling Globe augment for frost's snowglobe is affected by duration, so that will change your super-bullet-sponge Snowglobe build. Otherwise, if you completely ignore the duration stat, you might as well not even bother using the augment.

      As for the rest of them, I'm not sure because I don't play them often enough to know what to build them for.

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    • ^Same Tenno as that long list of uses^

      I've been playing the game for over 1k hours now and I've learned that the game isn't really fun if you just go with the best of everything for every situation every time. I chose a few warframes and weapons that I enjoy using and I just play to have fun. It stops being fun if it's all business all the time.

      So my recommendation for you is to pick a frame that you personally enjoy playing a lot and focus on that frame to develop, not just whatever frame is the best in late-game. Because you will learn how to not die with any warframe you choose. With some, it is harder than others to survive with, but it should come down to which frame you want to use, not just which frame is the meta.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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