• What exactly did you just do to the history page if I may ask? And did you by anychance seperate all that into a "speculation thread" "dark sector history thread" etc..

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    • for a long time that page was in dire need of renewal, however due to the excessive amount of content on the page, it would have been quite an extensive overhaul for any 1 person to undertake, to remove irrelevant content and reformat everything, which is why for the longest time no one attempted, while more and more content was added to the mess, making it more difficult for anyone to start

      the speculation and dark sector reference did not belong, since dark sectors story has nothing to do with Warframe, and speculation has no place on a page pertaining to the backstory of the game

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    • I'm going to personally document the compilation of everyone's work then. I understand at what your getting at and the¬†concrete statement of the wiki's "strictly known knowledge". However if anything is proven directly within a quest in game I will reinsert at somepoint a piece of the knowledge that was made by many members of the wikipedia.

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    • what knowledge would that be if I may ask?

      never mind, I understood what you said

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    • A Lone Tenno
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