• Simple yet complex question. Which is better to use between the two in terms of actual practicality. Both have strengths over each other, but in the end, which one wins out? I'm curious to see what the community's thoughts are. Note that raw damage per shot doesn't neccessarily make for the better weapon......

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    • Lanka - high crit, high status, no IPS damage, charge attack, travel time

      Vectis prime - high crit, huge status, all IPS damage, hitscan, improved zoom

      For me, the two are really quite balanced so it comes down to firing mechanics. Lanka is more of an IRL sniper in that you need to find a spot, line up your shot, charge up your shot, lead your target, eliminate it. The Vectis is more video-gamey, aim-fire-dead. It needs less skill (but still more skill than a Tonkor) and has the simplified zoom (a huge bonus for me). However, in my view, all snipers should be hitscan weapons in this game - the game already makes life hard enough for anyone trying to snipe without adding travel time.

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    • Lanka . Charge while on the move , aim , fire , dead . Rinse repeat . It mods to more damage , and has more ammo in the mag . Mod for faster recharge over anything else . It was fun to use in the void sabotages and boss exterminates . Recent use at Akkad instead of a tonka

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    • Vectors prime is better in my opinion because

      1:equal deposition

      2:equal falloff/min damage range

      3:fire rate is quicker

      4:(this is a big one) can empty its magazine quicker than the lanka's charge up(2.76rounds per second)

      5:more fun to play with arch wings on poe(feel free to comment on this)

      6:no charge up and can be fired instantly

      7:is a hit-scan compared to lanka's charge up(works really well for stealth with banshee passive suppress or Loki invisibility augment; hushed invisibility)

      8:easier zoom mechanics

      9:best sniper for most categories (as of fandom comparing all sniper weapons)

      10:cooler name

      11:is a prime (for some reasons prime's are generally the best/better weapon)

      12:cooler name and look (snipetron and Lanka are almost indenticle( can't remember spelling(lol)))

      Without lanka's charge it has higher base damage

      but Lanka has higher damage and elemental(electricity) which is just about all that better

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    • A Lone Tenno
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