• for the hiere levels like if you whore master rank 13 or higher becus it just feels right for as long as starker has been in the game there shud be a prime vershen of he and all of hes wepns like hate and dspar and drad.

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    • First of all, change the battery of your keyboard. Your text looks a bit akward.

      I don´t think that we need another version of the Stalker . The beginners have the normal Stalker who is strong enough for them. The players who have some more experience in the game, can kill the normal Stalker easily, but they have already completed The Second Dream and get the Shadow Stalker. And he is a challenge, even for experienced players.

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    • Nice reply , you missed the fact that both stalkers scale with your MR , the higher you are the tougher he gets .  Too bad OP got any reply , dissing players who have attained MR 13 , maybe she hasn't realised that the prime stalker weapons lol are only attainable once you get there, along with syndicate weapons and weapon and frame starter bonuses. 

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    • A Lone Tenno
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