• Hi.

    I started a google sheet document to register the loots in excavations, as I play these missions a lot.Of course my results alone aren't enough to really make efficient stats. I'd be pretty happy if we group our drops stats to finally edit that page. 

    Lemme now if any of you is interested as we could discuss a strategy to jointly edit the doc and start a collective work soon.

    As expected the relics drop rate seems to be near the same as Tower keys' was, but it appears there might be some slight changes. There's less excavation missions and the mission's levels seems to not be significant the same way it was before specter. 

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    • TRUE , many excavation missions  have been changed or altogether dropped since the induction of SOTR . I used to solo these missions when not much happening , invite for heiracon usually , for the keys and other drops . 

      Now i look for my favs and they're gone . What happened to Wendall ? Disappeared , no longer on the map. 

      So i go to , options, leaderboards,defense, planet, mission, what i find is half no longer exist , some have changed mission type . I spent about 35 minutes trying this process , to find most excavations are gone , dark sector especially . What of the clans whose spectors were holding these missions open ? What's their recompense ? I thought the devs saying improving clans ? Welll intentions got nerfed on that score , now im searching for where relics drop , but don't know how to find your table of easy reference or be able to add to it  

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    • A Lone Tenno
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