• Okay so I've been raged at by some people who were flaming me for neutralising towers in Draco, saying the game ends quicker that way. I've been very salty about it so I've come here to discuss.

    Is the message capture rate linear or percentage?

    Linear Scenario:

    100 Capture points. Each tower captures at 0.25% per second. 

    Tenno capture 2 towers.

    Capture rate=2x0.25=0.5 per second

    Time taken=100/0.5=200 seconds

    Tenno capture 2 points and keep one point neutralised.

    Capture rate=2x0.25=0.5 per second

    Time taken=100/0.5=200 seconds

    Time taken remains the same in either case.

    Percentage scenario

    Tenno capture 2 towers

    Active Towers=4

    Capture rate= (100%/4) x 2 =50%

    Tenno capture 2 towers and keep 1 neutralised,

    Active Towers = 3

    Capture rate=(100%/3) x 2=66.67%

    So which category does it fall under?

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    • pretty sure it's the first one and the flamers were just ignorant.

      Rounds take the longest if you have 2 towers capped all the time, if the rest is neutral or capped by the enemy doesn't matter as long as you don't lose.

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    • My understanding is that capped towers count towards your percentage and uncapped towers capped towards the enemies'. So two towers capped means that both are advancing at the same rate. Neutral towers do not contribute to one or the other.

      Therefore, the longest round possible would be to get a 1% advantage, cap one tower, leave one tower uncapped and maintain the other two towers as neutral.

      Haven't tested this thoroughly, but it is consistent with my observations.

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    • ^ you're right, but you'd have to neutralize towers all the time as they quickly become capped by the enemy. So not so much suited for Draco's lazy playstyle¬†:P

      also you will be a lot out of affinity range of some squadmembers while neutralizing.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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