• I was doing some testing with the jat kittag and fragor prime, and noticed some intriguing facts.

    A. The combo multipliers on Crushing Ruin are wrong. I was smacking a rampart with an maxed out and unranked hammer. I used a rampart because it utilizes object health, which has no resistances, crits, or combo multiplier differences. It's direct damage only. I'll use the unranked test as the example. using an unmodded Fragor Prime, For the Shattering Village combo, I hit the rampart and the first two attacks did 130 damage as expected. The third attack (baseball bat swing) did 351 damage and always did an impact proc. The next three spining attacks did 220 damage and the final three spins did 192 damage. I don't know the formula for how damage multipliers work on combos, but what I found didn't match the wiki's description at all. I suugest someone with a more knowledge on this to please fix it.

    The next test I did, I used my maxed out jat kittag. The first two attacks did the expected 801 damage, which matched the total damage of my build (pressure point, fever strike, and shocking touch being the only damage mods I had on there).. The third attack (baseball bat swing) did 1830 damage (again with a guaranteed impact proc), then the following three spins did 1146 damage each and the final three spins did 1074 damage each with the aoe damage being 50.

    B. I did the same testing with the other two combos and they too show multipiers. With the unmodded fragor prime doing the Raging Whirlwind combo, the first attack did 130 damage as expected, then the overhead chop did 220 damage with an impact proc. The next to whirling up strikes did 220 damage and the final downward slam did 351 damage. With my maxed gear, it did 801 on first attack, 1146 and impact proc on second attack (overhead chop), 1146 on two upward whirling strikes, and 1830 on the final slam.

    With Winding Temper, it was hard for me to get numbers from the strikes with only testing being the unmodded fragor prime. The first two attacks did 130 as expected, then the two sliding spins did 220 damage each. The two jump spins did 351 damage each and the final down stroke did 351 damage. This is another combo that the wiki has as no mulitiplier.

    This shows that there's more to crushing ruin than what the wiki says. I suggest someone take a look at it. I am not good enough with the numbers and coding to change it myself, so if someone is willing to help me, it'd be appreciated.

    What I would like someone to help me fix:

    Shattered Village: Impact Proc on 3rd button press, damage multipliers on 3rd, 4th, and 5th button presses

    Raging Whirlwind: Impact proc on second button press, damage multipliers on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th buttone presses

    Winding Temper: Damage multipliers on 3rd and 4th button press.

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    • Now this is interesting, I would help you myself but I'm not good with numbers. 

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    • Thank you Aeron216. I tried doing my own math, but it seems that the multipliers don't work based off of total damage. I'll need to do some testing with other melee weapons.

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    • A Lone Tenno
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