This Is What You Are is the 1st track in the Warframe Soundtrack. It is the main theme of WARFRAME, and multiple other tracks are derived from it, most notably the soundtrack of The Second Dream (Soundtrack). The Somachord of this soundtrack can be obtained in Ceres.

This is a choir song which was partially played in The Second Dream quest, during the revelation of the Tenno's true form. It is also partially played in The War Within, during the Tenno's first independent Transference to their Warframe.

Trivia Edit

  • At the beginning of the song, the solo hymn followed with a collective choir is meant to symbolize a mother (Margulis) singing, the children (Zariman children) singing back in return. This was apparently confirmed by the composer, Keith Power.
  • This soundtrack, along with Sentient Tombs, are the only leitmotif tracks from which multiple tracks are derived.


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