The Warframe Story is an unofficial fan fiction adaptation of the game, Warframe. Its creation is accredited to /u/kibblznbitz (A.K.A. /u/Cifer118) on the website

It is currently available on two platforms, which include the following:



It is typically updated on a schedule of weekly, though it has been known to take longer on occasion.

A Brief HistoryEdit

The Warframe Story was originally conceived in August, 2013. The creator's original and continuing intent was and is to create an unofficial book format adaptation of the game Warframe (created by Digital Extremes Ltd.), in the same conceptual vein as The Fall of Reach (Eric Nylund), a book adaptation of the game, Halo (created by Bungie). Continuing from approximately August 2013 to November of 2013, its continuation was suspended for a period of approximately eight months due to difficulties with health on the part of the creator. Some time during this period, the creator attempted to restyle the piece, but it was quickly discontinued again. It has recently (approx. July 2014) been reinstated, and the creator is presently continuing work on the piece.

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