"You are immortal. One mistake makes that otherwise."
—Scoria saying

The Scoria was an organization of assassins first mentioned in AshIcon272 Ash's Leverian entry. It is unknown what their purpose was in Orokin society.

Lore & History[]


The Scoria was an IconOrokinOn Orokin school of political assassins. It is unknown why they were created, who created them, where they were located, and who led them. The Warframe AshIcon272 Ash was seen as the patron saint of the school, and was revered as an idol among its members.

Each member bore a smoky-black jewel that was implanted between their eyes, and were seen as a symbol of both admiration and fear during the Orokin Era. These gems also act as memory blockers, causing a great deal of pain as it burns away any thoughts and memories deemed unwanted by the Scoria. The effect is temporary, as the removal of the gem will also remove the memory block and cease any more pain.

Liberation of the DeNas Brothers[]

Main article: Leverian#Ash

After Pilio DeNas was freed,

Scoria Ethos[]

"You are forever the Scoria. The Scoria is forever you."

"For every question, Ash is the answer."

"Doubt is betrayal."
—Scoria teachings

The Scoria were a very harsh and strict organization. Capture was deemed unforgivable, and those members where detained were to become targets of assassination themselves, as was the case of the DeNas brothers.

Known Scoria Members[]

Some of the Scoria members are implied to have been kidnapped and converted into assassins against their will, with the black jewels being used to block out any memories of who they used to be.

  • AshIcon272 Ash (Formerly) - Patron saint idolized by the Scoria. However, he betrayed the organization during The Collapse, having spared the DeNas brothers and assassinated the Scoria's senior ranks.
  • Dom DeNas (Formerly) - Son of Lio DeNas, and brother to Pilio DeNas. Was exceptionally skilled, but he was captured and freed by his father.
  • Pilio DeNas (Formerly) - Son of Lio DeNas, and brother of Dom DeNas. Not as gifted as his brother and was assigned to assassinate him after his capture, with Ash personally overseeing the mission. After witnessing the truth behind his brother's capture, Ash removed Pilio's memory-blocking jewel and allowed the DeNas family to escape.


  • The Edo armor was seen as the highest honor a Scoria member could be given, and acted as a signifier of their faith.
  • Some of the patterns and fighting techniques used by the Scoria include the unconventional Dying Vine pattern and the favored Dust Fang technique.