Get ready Tenno, Proxy Retribution is here from now until May 31 at 2 p.m. ET. This Bonus Weekend includes a Tactical Alert, 50% off Darvo Deals, and Double Affinity all weekend!

The The Proxy Retribution Bonus Weekend was a special weekend occasion that took place from May 27, 2016, to May 31, 2016, featuring special Tactical Alert missions and other in-game limited-time bonuses.



This weekend, team up and reap the rewards of double Affinity! You’ll earn twice the Affinity during any Warframe mission you play from now until May 31 at 2 p.m. ET.


Save 50% on the following items from now until May 31 at 2 p.m. ET.

Primary: FiveShotSniper Rubico
Secondary: U18throwingknives Talons
Melee: StalkerMios Lacera
Syandana: Salix Syandana


The Corpus Proxy Army is back and it's stronger and faster than ever before. Show no mercy Tenno, intercept and destroy them.

Day 1 Friday, May 27

Planet: Tessera, Venus
Mission Type: 20 Wave Defense
Reward: Orokin Catalyst + 10,000 Credits

Day 2 Saturday, May 28

Planet: Martialis, Mars
Mission Type: Mobile Defense
Reward: Orokin Reactor + 10,000 Credits

Day 3 Sunday, May 29

Planet: Palus, Pluto
Mission Type: 30 minute Survival
Reward: Wraith Twin Vipers with weapon slot & pre-installed Orokin Catalyst + 50,000 Credits

Day 4 Monday, May 30

Planet: Io, Jupiter
Mission Type: 20 Wave Defense
Reward: 25 Rare Mod TT 20pxFusion Core + 10,000 Credits


  • The Proxy Retribution tactical alerts all feature only Corpus proxy enemies, which include all variations of MOAs and Ospreys, as well as Hyena Ng and Isolator Bursas.
  • Hyena Ng generates an aura that grants nearby allies additional Heat b Heat damage. Because some of the proxies also deal Electricity b Electric damage, this results in them dealing Radiation b Radiation damage whenever a Hyena Ng is nearby.
  • While it is advertised as a Tactical Alert, completing the alerts will not award a Stratos Emblem.


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