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Quest Description[]

The Sentient armada has emerged from the Veil Proxima in shocking numbers.

At their head, Natah, once the trusted guide 'Lotus', now seemingly in thrall to Ballas and her brother Erra.

Across worlds and space, the Tenno and their unlikely alliance launch a final assault to take the Sentient mothership... where Natah awaits.

For My Brothers[]





On Rampart


Shield Drone Unlocked[]

Striker Moa Unlocked[]

Targeting turret for attack

Jackal Boss[]

Jackal hovers
If Breacher Moa dies to electric floor

After Jackal Fight[]




  • Cephalon Cy: "Boarding party intends to sabotage this ship. Stop them."


Teshin grunts

The Rise of Narmer[]



Arriving at Narmer outpost gate
Inside Narmer outpost
Arriving at Narmer vault
After killing all enemies

After saving Ostron prisoners[]

Narmer Propaganda[]

Drifter's Camp[]

Stolen Plates[]


For Narmer

Healed, the pain of independence
Strong, our wise and trusted friend
We, united in one vision
Rise to sing of sorrow's end

He, the bringer of the vision
Bids you answer to his call
Praise the wise and mighty Ballas
Heed the ruler of us all

For we're all One
And the work's begun
For Narmer
And we all run
To our golden son
For Narmer
For Narmer

Almost to elevator

Orb Vallis[]

While on K-Drive
Arriving at veil factory
Killing all enemies
After putting on veil

Past the gate
At console
Exiting factory

Drifter's Camp[]

Enemy of Enemies[]

Grineer Shipyard on Uranus[]

Meeting Hunhow Cutscene[]

Is that an Owl?
What do they call the Wolf?
I've seen the Snake before.

Sentients spawning
Outside of the sealab

Temporal Axioms[]

In Zariman Ten Zero


Event: Solar Genesis
Monotemporal Progression = Entropic Escalation
Presumed Inevitability of Decay
Event: Solar Extinction
Eternalism Theory of Void Travel / Polytemporal Nexus [See Chapter 7]
Meta-Event: Solar Totality
Further Reading: 'Beyond the Wall of Lohk'. A. Entrati
'The Palimpsest of Spacetime'. A. and E. Entrati

Taking quiz[]

Which of the following is not one of the Theories of Time?
What is the principal of failing Presentism?
Lintana's parents have been captured, but she has a choice. The button that opens her mother's cell door will flood her father's cell with deadly radiation, and vise versa. She presses one of the buttons. Under Eternalism, which of the following statements is universally true?

The Wild Hunt[]

Drifter's Camp[]

Approaching Lotus
In navigation

First Archon[]

Archon at 25% health
If player dies

Second Archon[]

Archon at 25% health

The Aftermath[]

First Archon Shard[]

Back at Drifter's Camp
Giving Archon Shard to Lotus
Flashback to Zariman
'Silence Cephalon'

Talking to Terolee
Talking to Barryn
Talking to unknown child
In navigation

Second Archon Shard[]

Back at Drifter's Camp
Giving Archon Shard to Lotus
Flashback to Zariman
Drifter's Camp

Flashback to Zariman
Drifter's Camp

Zariman Ten Zero[]

On Sentient mothership

Finding a lamp in classroom

Drifter - Choose - Operator

Choosing Drifter[]

Viewing Warframe
Viewing Helminth
Viewing Lotus helmet

Choosing Operator[]

Viewing Warframe
Viewing Helminth
Viewing Lotus helmet

She Gives, We Live[]

On Cetus[]

Saving Konzu
Saving Hok
Saving Master Teasonai
Saving Fisher Hai-Luk
After saving main NPCs
At air dock
While flying
  • Ballas: "My people. Today we begin a great ascension. For as long as I have lived, a chain dragged behind me. Keeping Tau always beyond grasp. We made our sacrifices... but always with one foot lingering on the shore. Never willing to leave it all behind. Never willing to burn the boats and commit, completely, to that opposite shore. That is why these worlds must die."  (download)
Landing on Unum
Reaching the atrium
Reaching first reactive crystal
Destroying the crystal
At top of tower
After destroying the two reactive crystals

On Murex[]

Approaching first locked door
Approaching second locked door
Encountering Lotus

In Space[]

On Railjack
Approaching Murex
Firing Forward Artillery

Approach Praghasa[]


  • Cephalon Cy: "Engines locked."

2000m away from objective
  • Cephalon Cy: "Hull breached. Venting atmo. Situation critical."
  • Cephalon Cy: "Crisis averted. Mission continues."
Objective reached
Being hit by solar flare
If not moving under cover

On Praghasa[]

Necramech at low health

After defeating the Archon

The Final Showdown[]


During Battle[]

First mirror broken
Second mirror broken
Third mirror broken
Fourth mirror broken
Fifth mirror broken
Sixth mirror broken
Seventh mirror broken
Eighth mirror broken
3rd health bar depleted
Ninth mirror broken
2nd health bar depleted
Tenth mirror broken


An Ending, A Beginning

My child... my friend.

What was done, is done. Ballas is no more. We have both woken from that nightmare at last.

New dangers, new choices await us now. Few will be simple. Each moment unfolds into a thousand-petalled bloom of possibilities.

And each one, we will face together.

For now, rest. Dream of who we were, and of who we have become.

Nothing I could give could repay what you have done for me. But these items may assist you on your onward journey.



The Lotus is reborn!

Narmer is all but decimated, its scattered adherents now rallying in the name of their lost martyr.

The tenuous alliance against a common enemy has crumbled leaving the Origin system struggling to recover.

Now the Tenno face new questions... the paradox of the Drifter's origins and the threads binding them to a nameless Void entity.

Post-Quest Interactions[]

Talking to Konzu after completing the quest
Talking to Eudico after completing the quest
  • Eudico: "Sparky. Did I... did they... did I do anything I'd be... ashamed of? There was only... that voice... and I was gone. The messed up part is...? I liked it. I never had to worry... or think... ever again. And I liked it. With Ballas dead you'd think Narmer would be dusted. They're not. Some took the mask willingly and don't want to let it go. Now someone else is pulling the strings. Narmer's here. They're not going away."  (download)

TennoCon 2021 Trailer[]

  • Erra: "I know you. I feel it. It's time. Summon your devil."

TennoCon 2021 Gameplay[]


  • Ballas: "We are seasons all of us. Growing in the light fading in the dark. At once the same yet... ever changed."
  • Erra: "Don't be afraid."

Kahl Gameplay[]

  • Vay Hek: "Eight squad! Eight squad! YOU MAGGOTS! REPORT!"
  • Kahl: "Brothers dead. Only Kahl one-seven-five."
  • Vay Hek: "BROTHER? Brother. The WORMS have swarmed the sector, but we will prevail. Regroup on my beacon."
  • Kahl: "F-for... For the Queens!"
  • Kahl: "Dargyn crash. Kahl help pilot. Kahl finish mission."
  • Vay Hek: "For the Queens. Now... run MAGGOT, RUUUUNNN!"
  • Kahl: "Pilot is dead. What is mission now?"
  • Vay Hek: "Mission? That Bloated Condrix swats us down like flies. We're grounded."
  • Kahl: "Kahl stop. Tell Kahl."
  • Vay Hek: "Impossible. Even if you could get close to that thing, they'd eat you alive."
  • Kahl: "Eat alive? What if food... is bomb."
  • Vay Hek: "Hmmm. Brother Kahl... yes! Find something with a high enough yield! Hurry!"
  • Kahl: "For the... Queens."
  • Kahl: "Searches! Must not see Kahl."
  • Kahl: "Kahl sneak good."
  • Kahl: "For the Queens."
  • Kahl: "For the... Queens."
  • Vay Hek: "There! You are so close! Detonate near enough and your brothers will live to fight another day!"
  • Kahl: "For the Queens."
  • Vay Hek: "That's it. Detonate at the base of that Bloated Condrix. FOR GLORY!"
  • Vay Hek: "I salute you, One-Seven-Five. For the Queens!"
  • Kahl: "For the... huh... For my brothers."
  • Erra: "Don't be afraid."

Veso Gameplay[]

  • Alad V: "Hold fast to your stations, crews! Our glorious victory is close at hand! Oh, and, uh, any remaining techs aboard, narrow-band me at once!"
  • Veso: "Confirming tech aboard! Veso-R at your service, most gilded director, most...!"
  • Alad V: "Yes, yes thank Profit! My command overrides aren't working. I need to break fire control from the fleet. Can you fix that, Veko?"
  • Veso: "It's Veso, most lucrative and sagacious visionary. Yes, I can try. There's a trace conduit nearby, I can bypass it--"
  • Alad V: "--Great, yes, do your thing. There's a nice bonus in it if you can."
  • Veso: "Sir! Veso, here. Our robotics have gone rogue... the Sentients must have latched the grid!"
  • Alad V: "Someone has, yes. I'll pull some meat-crews to cover you. Just get me that override... um?"
  • Veso: "Veso. Sir. I could disengage the safeties on the decoys, maybe hypercharge the batteries..."
  • Alad V: "Our... uh... victory is ever-nearer, crew! Your service and sacrifice will be richly rewarded, yes!"
  • Alad V: "If I don't stand down fire control soon, we'll all be sucking vacuum! Teko! What's taking so long?"
  • Veso: "Sir? You want to disengage fire control from the fleet? I... I don't understand."
  • Alad V: "Look outside! We'll all about to be under new management! Now do your part or I'll find a more forward-thinking replacement."
  • Axio MOA: "How may I help? Preparing for extreme stress test."
  • Test MOA: "We are doomed!"
  • Axio MOA: "Ready?"
  • Test MOA: "Ready."
  • Veso: "Go!"

Teshin Gameplay[]

  • Teshin: "Orphix fields will be scattered--"
  • Ordis: "The Orphix fields will be scattered deep in the ship. Ordis can help you triangulate them--"
  • Teshin: "--Quiet!"
  • Ordis: "I'm only trying to--"
  • Teshin: "--I don't need your help. Switch off!"
  • Ordis: "Ah! Please excuse Ordis."
  • Ordis: "Observation: a power field requires a power source."
  • Ordis: "Grineer! Oh my. Ordis wonders what we are getting into."
  • Teshin: "You shouldn't have come here. You've ruined us both."
  • Ordis: "Teshin? Are you - LOSING IT - feeling unwell?"
  • Teshin: "Hmm? Ordis..."
  • Ordis: "Yes? Would you like me to dephase that for you?"
  • Ordis: "Swing away, Teshin."
  • Ballas: "The Devil sends their relic to do the deed. But then... we're both relics aren't we, old man?"
  • Teshin: "Too easy."


Part 2[]


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Part 3[]

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  1. A reference to a popular Han Solo's quote in Star Wars