They seduced you, used you, took away your fire.

Mother, what must I do?

Simple: YOU. TAKE. IT. BACK.

—Unnamed Sentient Mother

The New War is a narrative arc involving the Lotus returning to the Sentients, preparing to wage war against the Tenno. Rather than being an active quest of its own, The New War is presented as a series of quests that include Chimera Prologue and Erra.



  • The quest was first teased at TennoCon 2018. Devstream 122 announced the expected released date is before TennoCon 2019 (July 6), but Devstream 127 pushed back the release date due to the update being a "massive expansion".
    • In Devstream 123, [DE]Steve advised not to sell the BallasSword Paracesis (despite not being possible to), implying it may be used in The New War.
    • Devstream 134 implied The New War being a narrative arc, the first quest of the arc being Rising Tide, while The New War quest itself being released beyond Christmas 2019.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.3
The New War Chapters

As you may already know, in Warframe Revised we added The New War Chapters section of the Codex that allows you to shortcut to the Chimera Prologue and the Erra Quest (Sacrifice Quest completion required).

For those who have not logged in since before Warframe Revised, you will be presented with a welcome screen that now includes a direct shortcut to The New War Chapters to get you up to speed before you play Operation Scarlet Spear.

We’ve made a few changes to The New War Chapters section of the Codex:

  • Selecting a completed New War Chapter will show the End of Quest screen.
  • Selecting a New War Chapter in progress will show the Quest details like in the Codex.

Ensure you’re ready for the next chapter in The New War!

Update 27.2

The New War Chapters
A Codex Quest chapter entry for The New War has been added for those who have completed the Sacrifice Quest! As you might be aware, The New War has started, and with Scarlet Spear coming soon we want players to be properly informed as The New War develops. If you have yet to complete the Chimera Prologue or the Erra Quest, head to The New War Codex Quest entry to access a shortcut to these Quests.
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