This page contains transmissions done throughout the questline.

Unlocking the questEdit

Simaris: "Hunter! Will you bring my Sentinels home so that I might once again focus on our grand project?"

Activating the questEdit

Ordis: "Operator, what is Cephalon Simaris like? I've heard so many wonderful things!"

In the mission "Missing Sentinels"Edit

Simaris: "My Sentinels entered this Grineer prison searching for a curious anomaly. Their last known location was the prison block. Hunter, I must know their fate."

Lotus: "Simaris, what was so important that your Sentinels would risk entering a Grineer prison?"

Simaris: "All knowledge is important. I thought you would know that, Lotus."

Simaris: "My Sentinels... You are still functional! Come home, my darlings! ..... Hunter, my gratitude is boundless. Head for extraction so that we might discuss..."

Lotus: "Not so fast, Tenno. If Cephalon Simaris isn't willing to tell us what happened here, we'll find out on our own. Locate their data vault and find their security logs."

"There. You got the security logs. We'll examine them when you're safely back on the Liset. Get to extraction."

After "Missing Sentinels"Edit

Lotus: "The corruption to the security logs was extensive, but we managed to retrieve fragments of a biological signature. Could this be what Simaris was after?"

Ordis: "Ordis will perform analysis on the signature now... Oh... There's nothing here but..."

Mystery Voice: *sounds of wild gunfire are suddenly interrupted by a blast* "HERE WE SHALL SEARCH AND FIND. THE EYES OF DAY DRINKING THE NIGHT." *battle suddenly continues*

Ordis: "Uuuuh... Pardon, Operator, it seems Ordis is hearing voices again. Running diagnostics."

Lotus: "No, Ordis, we heard it too. Tenno, that's the voice from the Arcane Codices. Cephalon Simaris is hiding something. Pay him another visit. Find out what he knows."

Ordis: "Simaris has no reason to lie, Operator. Please, treat the great Cephalon with respect."

Simaris: "Searching for answers, Tenno? Knowledge must be earned. I have a task for you, small compared to the vast needs of Sanctuary. Hunt for me and in return I will tell you what that biological signature means."

After "Paying With Synthesis"Edit

Simaris: "I thank you, Tenno. You found something my Sentinels missed in that prison. You will make an excellent hunter. I will decipher as we agreed. It is of Tenno origin, with an anomaly from before the Orokin purge. This knowledge must be Synthesized. It belongs in Sanctuary. I've created a blueprint based on its biological properties. Build it, so we both may become enlightened by it."

On each return to Liset before building the blueprint:

Simaris: "Hunter, you know what to do. Construct the item I have given you. This knowledge could empower us both."

Ordis: "Operator please, HURRY UP, and do what the Cephalon has requested."

Simaris: "What is this? An antique Series-2 Cephalon? All I found were degraded beyond repair, but you're still functional. Your abilities could be of great use in my Sanctuary."

Ordis: "Oh, oh, well, it's nothing, I, I'm ... Ordis is honored by your compliment."

Constructing Chroma Chassis Edit

Ordis: "Completing this blueprint has sent out some kind of signal. Operator? I... *becomes garbled*"


Ordis: "Operatoooor?!" Simaris: "I will begin shielding your Cephalon's somatic routines. Meanwhile, you must hunt for me. I have traced the source of this message."

Ordis: "Thhhhank-k-k Thank you, Simaris..."

Lotus: "Whoever we're dealing with slaughtered the Grineer searching for the Codices. It must be after the Corpus next. Get there and intercept."

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