The Limbo Theorem quest cannot be completed without an Archwing

Piece together the Limbo Theorem to uncover its source

—Quest Description

The Limbo Theorem is an optional lore Quest introduced in Update 15.0, in which players piece together the meaning behind a mysterious theorem. Completing this quest will provide the parts necessary to construct the LimboIcon272.pngLimbo Warframe. Players must complete The Archwing quest before performing this quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Limbo Theorem[edit | edit source]

In order to unlock this quest, the player must complete the Jupiter/Europa Junction. Upon completion, the player will be awarded with the The Limbo Theorem Quest.

Go to the Quest section of the Codex, select the quest, then click "Begin Quest" to start. After starting the quest, the player will receive an inbox message from Ordis himself.

So, this 'Limbo Theorem' you picked up, it's supposed to lead to a new Warframe? Well, it's woefully incomplete!

Half-written proofs, unfinished equations, what idiot wrote this mess??

Okay. Okay. There is one thing here, a constant, a tuning frequency but it's so minute, the Orbiter's antenna would never be able to...

...unless...go to your nav console, I have an idea.

The transmission will also provide the player with the blueprint for the Limbo Theorem key (not to be confused with the quest blueprint), which requires three Proof Fragments to craft.

Nonsense: Syrtis, Mars[edit | edit source]

Ordis will then direct the player to Syrtis, Mars to tap into Grineer communication towers in the hopes of successfully scanning for the Limbo signal. In practice, the mission provided is an Archwing Interception mission that will require players to complete a single round. However, the primary objective of the mission is not in the Interception mission itself (which provides no reward), but in collecting Proof Fragments that drop from killed enemies, which resemble Energy Orbs.

Once the required number of Proof Fragments is collected (3 is required), and the Interception mission completed, the Limbo Theorem blueprint can then be crafted, which will take 60 seconds. Upon building it, Ordis comments at his curiosity of the Limbo Theorem, eagerly awaiting for it.

Upon completion of the mission players will not be prompted that they collected enough Proof Fragments to build the Limbo Theorem along with a suggestion to go build the theorem. Players will need to manually check the theorem blueprint in their Foundry to see if they collected enough.

Good, now we get to find out what all this Limbo nonsense is all about. I await the theorem's completion.

Limbo Neuroptics Theorem (found in Foundry):

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 1 minute
Rush: Platinum64.png 5
MarketIcon.png Market Price: N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price: N/A

After it is complete, Ordis will attempt to read the Theorem, only to be annoyed by even more nonsense the supposed evidence provided.

Okay, good, you've... wait... the horizon mass cannot be inverted to – this is preposterous!

Operator, I'm sorry. You did all this work and this so called Theorem is still completely invalid. It's as if all these proofs point to nothingness it's just utterly irrational!

There's only one valid coordinate in the entire proof, I've marked it on your navigation console but I'm sure it's a waste of time.

In the end, Ordis will lead the player to the only coordinate that he managed to obtain from the proof: Cambria, Earth.

Rift Plane: Cambria, Earth[edit | edit source]

The player is directed to Cambria, Earth on an Excavation mission to check out Ordis' lead. This mission requires the player to excavate 300 cryotic (3 full extractors), after which the player is rewarded with the Limbo Neuroptics Blueprint. Once obtained, Ordis will rethink his opinion on the Theorem and will attempt to make more sense of it:

A Limbo part blueprint! The Theorem wasn't complete malarkey after all. Perhaps there's more to these equations than I previously thought, what am I missing.

In the meantime, players must craft the Limbo Neuroptics, which will take 12 hours.

When the Neuroptics is completed and claimed by the player, Ordis says the following:

Operator, I found a new theorem hidden deep in that Warframe part. These are actually starting to make sense, I mean they're nonsense but there's logic in the nonsense. It's almost as if someone's trying to speak to me in my own language.

What is he trying to say? My apologies, operator, I get a little worked up when it comes to physics.

Ordis will once again send the player to Syrtis, Mars to gather more Proof Fragments in order to craft Limbo Systems Theorem.

After Limbo Systems Theorem is completed, Ordis will send the player another coordinate. He will also extrapolate his findings about the existence of the Rift, and its connection to Limbo.

Now it's becoming clear. Could it be that there's a plane between our normal plane and the void? A space between space, a rift? A rift that this Limbo could control?

Oh and I've marked your navigation console, I think you'll be quite pleased with what you find there.

Magician of Math: Martialis, Mars[edit | edit source]

The player will undertake another Excavation mission to extract a Limbo component, this time in search of the Limbo Systems Blueprint found on Martialis, Mars. Once acquired, Ordis says the followings:

Operator do you understand, this Limbo is telling us his story in pure math, and I must say, he's quite witty.

You have to forge that blueprint as soon as possible. I must know what comes next.

Once again player must craft Limbo Systems before moving on to the next step.

After Limbo System is completed and claimed. Ordis has these to say:

Just as suspected, another theorem. Limbo's formula for inverting the entropic mass of void quantum is downright naughty.

I want more, Operator, please hurry, this story is getting quite good.

Again Ordis directs the player to Syrtis, Mars, to gather more Proof Fragments in order to craft Limbo Chassis Theorem.

After Limbo Chassis Theorem is completed and claimed, Ordis comments on this new finding:

More parts to the story. My word, he is a magician of logic. Just when I think his diffraction principle is full of dangling ratios, he expresses his dynamic constant in pure numbers. I never saw it coming.

Final Jump: Ose, Europa[edit | edit source]

The player is finally directed to Ose, Europa to conduct a final excavation mission in search of Limbo Chassis Blueprint. After acquiring the blueprint, Ordis is excited about the discovery of the last piece.

The final part. I cannot wait. What harrowing leaps of cross-dimensional gymnastics will he attempt next?

The player must construct the Chassis in order to progress in the quest. Note beforehand that the Chassis requires an Argon Crystal to make. Upon claiming Limbo Chassis, Ordis eagerly reads the rest of the Theorem, only to find out Limbo's death in the process.

Excellent, the final Theorem and it's unfragmented. Processing.

Oh, wait, Limbo, no that's a mistake, you don't want to go there. It's too big a jump. You can't rift walk... ohh. Oh no.

Operator, I think I know why we're finding Limbo parts scattered throughout the system. His final rift walk was a miscal... disaster. Well, perhaps when you occupy this frame, you will use more... caution.

When Limbo Chassis is claimed, the quest is considered completed and player can start building LimboIcon272.pngLimbo with Limbo Blueprint from the Market.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Claiming a component while The Limbo Theorem is not your active quest results in the quest not completing.
    • If this happens, go to the quest's page in the Codex and click 'Begin.' Ordis' final dialogue in the quest will play and the quest will complete.
  • It is not necessary to redo the Mars Interception mission if a player has collected enough Proof Fragments on the first attempt to build all three Limbo Theorem keys, which amounts to nine Proof Fragments total.
  • Remember, however, that you can only do this quest once. If you want additional copies of Limbo, or if you end up selling him for whatever reason, you can only do this by;
    • Purchasing him fully-built from the Market for Platinum64.png200;
    • Purchasing his main blueprint from the market for Credits64.png35,000, and his component blueprints from Cephalon Simaris for 150,000 total Standing; or
    • Acquiring the components of Limbo PrimeIcon272.pngLimbo Prime, which requires opening Void Relics and/or Trading.
  • It's not possible to obtain Limbo's components by joining the Excavation missions that reward his parts without actively doing the Quest.
    • It might have been possible to obtain parts prior to Update 21.0.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 29.8

  • Fixed an edge case in The Limbo Theorem Quest that can leave you unable to progress, putting you into an inescapable state of limbo (ar ar ar).

Update 22.0

  • Players who have the blueprints for The Limbo Theorem, Hidden Messages, or Patient Zero will now automatically receive the quest itself upon logging in. The blueprints will be removed and if they were under construction, the resources and credits will be refunded (except for the argon crystals for The Limbo Theorem, sorry!).

Update 15.0

  • Introduced.
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