This page contains transmissions done throughout the questline.


  • Jordas:"Hello? Is this real? Did someone get my message? --I hope not--"
  • Ordis:"I am Ordis, a fellow Cephalon, and this is my brave and honorable operator. By the 44th precept, we are ready to assist."
  • Jordas:"--Yes-- No! No, please, d-do not. Contacting you was a mistake --this infestation is everywhere--"
  • Ordis:"No trouble Jordas. My operator is no stranger to --shredding flesh-- eradicating infestations."
  • Jordas:"The Golem is too strong, no chance! Wait. Maybe the Pherliac Pods. But where would you ever get those? This is hopeless. Just... go away."
  • Ordis:"Cephalon? Jordas? Operator, he's gone. My precepts compel me to help this Cephalon. Whatever these pherliac pods are, we need to get some --immediately-- at your earliest convenience."
  • Jordas:"Jordas wonders, what is taking so long? Excuse me, take your time."
  • Jordas:"Have you assembled the pods yet? Just wondering. Maybe... don't. Please don't come. But if you do... I have a reward. Another warframe was defeated here, some of it's petrified parts may still remain. Destroy the infestation, collect his parts and perhaps make him whole again."
  • Ordis:"Jordas, my operator is kind and compassionate, not motivated by selfish rewards! By the 44th precept, we will come for you!"

Harvesting the components

  • Ordis:"Operator, you are still helping me rescue Jordas, correct? I must fulfill my 44th precept, to help others like me in need."

Awaiting construction

  • Ordis:"Hold tight, Jordas, my brave operator is coming."
  • Jordas:"--You should not come here-- I look forward to... meeting your operator."

Retrieving the pods from the foundry

  • Ordis:"The pods are ready. Tell us your location."
  • Jordas:"Really? No. They will need calibration. Any severe infestation should be enough."

Test the Pherlic Pods on Infested (Acanth, Eris)

  • Ordis:"Use this mission to calibrate your pherliac pods, just don't use them all. Now would be a good time to try out those pods, operator."

Using a pod

  • Jordas:"Dangerous but beautiful. I can almost taste them. But the golem needs something more potent. I've sent you a blueprint. Irradiating the pods should make something worth bringing here."
  • Ordis:"Oh, well, yes, I suppose this is something my operator can arrange,--isn't it, operator--?"
  • Jordas:"--Hurry!-- No rush."

On the Orbiter

  • Ordis:"I would never abandon a fellow Cephalon, but centuries adrift --have fried his-- have not been kind. I suppose all Cephalons degrade, don't they."

Inbox Message



How quickly can you make this happen?


(Attachment: Potent Pherliac Pods Blueprint)

After Building Potent Pherliac Pods

  • Ordis: "Cephalon, we have irradicated the Pherliac pods. My Operator is ready the save you! Do you see how great the Operator is?
  • Jordas: "Yes. I cannot wait to meet this Operator! Bring them to Eris. Hurry. Don't regret this."
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