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Work with Frohd Bek and save the Tenno!

We now know that Alad V has been dissecting a captured Warframe – codename “Valkyr” - for research in the Zanuka Project – an initiative that uses Warframe parts for the creation of new Corpus robotics with Warframe abilities. With the threat of Alad V's Project succeeding, Corpus Board Member Frohd Bek is wary of losing his pending position as Corpus CEO. Frohd Bek sent ships to Jupiter in an effort to dispose of Alad V, however these ships have since been overtaken by the Infested.

Frohd Bek has a deal for you. Clear the Infested from his ships and in return, he'll reveal Alad V's location.

Work with Frohd Bek to find Alad V today and save Valkyr from the Zanuka Project!

—Forum Thread

The Hunt for Alad V was an event that was introduced with Update 11.0. Community completion of this event yielded the new Corpus Gas City tileset, Alad V's location and the ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Warframe. The event lasted until all Jupiter nodes were cleared from Infestation. Forum Thread

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Despite losing The Gradivus Dilemma, Alad V continued to work on his Zanuka Project in secret, capturing a Warframe called ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr and dissecting its parts for the creation of a new Corpus proxy with Warframe abilities. Corpus Board Member Frohd Bek's pending position as the CEO of the Corpus is being threatened by Alad's research. As Alad's direct rival, he is afraid of his success and attempts to sabotage Alad's work, sending ships to his laboratory. However, Bek's ships have been infected for some unknown reason.

In desperation, Bek pleas a deal with the Tenno, to help him rid of the Infestation and in return, he'll disclose Alad's research facility. After doing so, the Tenno raids Alad V's laboratory in the gas cities of Jupiter and successfully frees Valkyr, who was modified with Corpus constraints. Physically and mentally scarred as a subject to Alad V's brutal methods, Valkyr was used to construct a Zanuka prototype which never reached mass production due to the Tenno's valiant efforts. With the lack of support and funding to his project, Alad V had to develop the lesser Zanuka Hunter as a result, who now hunts down the Tenno to gather more Warframes to continue his project.

Completion Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Click alerts to participate in missions on Corpus vessels on Jupiter.
  • Clear the Infested from each of Jupiter's nodes.
  • As each of the nodes are cleared, the Corpus Gas City will be unlocked.
  • After the Corpus Gas Cities have been revealed, Alad V will be exposed and Valkyr can be rescued!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Battle Pay - Complete five missions in a node and you will be offered payment for your support in clearing Jupiter of the Infested – one payment per node. Check your status via the Progress Bar.
  • Emblem Of The Hunt emblems are distributed to all players who participate.

Reward History[edit | edit source]

  • Ganymede (completed): Credits64.png50,000
  • Ananke (completed): Credits64.png75,000
  • Elara (completed): Credits64.png100,000
  • Thebe (completed): Credits64.png50,000
  • Amalthea (completed): OrokinReactor64.png Orokin Reactor blueprint
  • Carme (completed): 3xGallium64.png Gallium
  • Io (completed): Credits64.png100,000
  • Carpo (completed): Credits64.png75,000
  • Metis (completed): 3xOrokinCell64.png Orokin Cell
  • Callisto (completed): Forma2.png Forma blueprint
  • Adrastea (completed): Credits64.png75,000
  • Themisto (completed): OrokinCatalyst64.png Orokin Catalyst blueprint

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Corpus will join you in the battle against the Infested. This makes for an excellent opportunity to get some easy scans of Corpus MOA, Shield Ospreys, etc. for your Codex.

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