Vem Tabook is the leader of The Grustrag Three. He uses a modified Hek Hek that fires electro-shells in bursts of around 10 at its target, each shell dealing electricity damage in a small radius, making them deadly should all of them connect with their target or the surrounding terrain.

Although Vem Tabook does not spawn by himself under normal circumstances, he may individually spawn inside Darvo's weekly mission as a Field Boss if the associated faction of the mission are Grineer.

Grustrag Reconditioning Facility

Inmate Report: Vem Tabook

Vem Tabook, leader of 'The Grustrag Three', was committed after the group slaughtered all fellow marines aboard a troop transport. Evidently, the ship took too long to reach battle and the subject was simply "impatient for the killing". Like his accomplices Shik Tal and Leekter, Tabook suffers from a rare cloning mutation. This makes him highly effective in combat but completely unfit for duty.

RECOMMENDATION: Permanent incarceration for study. The subject's combat ability cannot be ignored. If the subject's aggression can be focused, he may yet prove a useful weapon.

- Doctor Tengus

  • "YYYou are the sc-crawniest of them all!"
  • "Are you the bbbest they have!?"
  • "SSShiny little pppretty things, you Tenno are!"
  • "U-U-Unacceptable!" - Ally is Killed.
  • "Starting capture." - Capturing Target.
  • "This one is mine." - Capturing Target.
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