Leekter is a member of The Grustrag Three. He wields a Manticore axe and throws flashbangs to blind players in battle.

Although Leekter does not spawn by himself under normal circumstances, he may individually spawn inside Darvo's weekly mission as a Field Boss if the associated faction of the mission are Grineer.

Most Honored Councilor Vay Hek,

The agony treatment has worked! Tests show aggression has been shifted to The Tenno! The Grustrag Three are now ready for release and are eager for your orders.

Please note: fratricide is still an issue. Conditioning did not completely remove violent tendencies toward fellow Grineer. My solution is the Grustrag Bolt. When attached to a subject, this device limits combat effectiveness against all Grineer personnel. The bolt will ensure collateral death is acceptably limited.

I have produced a surplus of these devices. Perhaps these will also aid you with your problem?

Your Loyal Servant,
Doctor Tengus
Director Grustrag Reconditioning Facility

  • "I want to play with these ones."
  • Tenno, your Warframe looks so... slippery."
  • "You are going to suffer for that, Tenno!" - Ally is Killed.
  • "Wait 'til you see what comes next!" - Capturing Target.
  • "Did you know this is my favourite part?" - Capturing Target.
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