With the Plains of Eidolon, there will be a ton of new content for you to explore and discover when it releases! To celebrate the largest Warframe update ever, we have partnered with Twitch to help you get new and exclusive loot even when you can’t jump in a mission.

When the Plains of Eidolon launches, so will our first ever Twitch Drops event – The Great Eidolon Hunt![1] For two weeks after its release, viewers will be rewarded for watching their favorite broadcasters streaming Warframe.

Simply make sure that your Warframe and Twitch accounts are linked, and tune into Warframe casts on Twitch for a chance to earn Drops ranging from exclusive Decorations to cosmetics, resources, and even Prime gear!

General Edit

  • Watch and Earn: Watch 1 consecutive hour of Warframe streams and be rewarded with an exclusive Landing Craft Wisp Decoration (one per account).
  • In-game Achievements: Earn a random Drop (such as cosmetics, resources, or Prime gear) when any Warframe broadcaster earns any in-game achievement on-stream!
  • Survive the Night: At night, the Eidolon Plains become a deadly place. When Warframe Partners & selected streamers earn the “By the Dawn’s Early Light” Achievement for surviving the night, all viewers will receive an exclusive Sigil for watching them complete this formidable accomplishment.

If that wasn’t enough, you will have a random chance of potentially earning Drops just for tuning in to your favorite broadcaster streaming Warframe during the first two weeks! Linking your Warframe and Twitch account will also unlock an exclusive Twitch Syandana, delivered straight to your inventory upon logging in.

Twitch Drop Table Edit

Drops Chance
Starburst 53.11%
Latron Latron blueprint 19.41%
Grand Finale 8.95%
Display - Glyph 6.08%
Hunhow Sentinel Mask 1.85%
Nitain Extract 2.66%
Forma blueprint 2.53%
Neurodes 2.26%
Orokin Cell 1.30%
Smoke Colors Palette 0.27%
Ayatan Cyan Star 0.55%
Wyrm 0.41%
Ayatan Amber Star 0.21%
3-Day Affinity Booster 0.27%
Frost Harka Skin 0.07%
VectisPrime Vectis Prime 0.07%

* Chances are approximates based on 1463 drops.

Notes Edit

  • The Teralyst Sigil drop was broken until October 16.[2]
  • The event was posted on September 15, 2017 at 3:07 am.
  • The Twitch drops was extended to November 2.

Media Edit

References Edit

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