The Duviri Paradox is a new Open-World Expansion revealed at Tennocon 2019.


  • Before the trailer is shown, the Operator piloting the Railjack is seen hit by a Void surge and forced to Transference out of the Warframe, then the screen fades black. Whether this is directly related to the trailer or not is unknown.
  • The Expansion trailer featured a person who bears a striking resemblance to Hayden Tenno, the protagonist of Digital Extremes' previous successful video game, Dark Sector.
    • Devstream 129 confirmed that this man is an older version of the player's Operator, and that the resemblance to Hayden Tenno was coincidental.
  • The gigantic flying creature with Orokin design, in the trailer, was also seen in the Void during the Railjack Mission Demo.
  • In the trailer, a ship at the far distance is presumably Zariman Ten Zero.
  • As the name implies, and various subtle hints throughout the trailer, this expansion might involve some forms of paradox.
  • Possible meanings/terms Duviri derived from:
    • In Sanskrit, द्वारी (dvArI) means 'door'.
    • In Sicilian, duviri could mean 'duty'.
    • In Latin, "Duoviri" means "Two Men", which could reference the young and the old Operator, and the paradox of them existing together.
  • In his latest Twitch stream, DE_Steve hinted that the Duviri Paradox' name comes from the twin paradox, which is a thought experiment about a paradox caused by time dilation in special relativity.[citation needed]


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