The Duviri Paradox is a new Open-World Expansion revealed at Tennocon 2019.


  • Before the trailer is shown, the Operator piloting Railjack is seen hit by a Void surge and forced to Transference out of the Warframe, then the screen fades black. Whether this is directly related to the trailer or not is unknown.
  • The Expansion trailer featured a person who bears a striking resemblance to Hayden Tenno, the protagonist of Digital Extremes's previous successful video game, Dark Sector.
    • Devstream 129 confirmed that this man is an older version of the player's Operator, and that the resemblance to Hayden Tenno was coincidental.
  • The gigantic flying creature with Orokin design, in the trailer, was also seen in the Void during the Railjack Mission Demo.
  • In the trailer, a ship at the far distance is presumably Zariman Ten Zero.
  • As the name implies, and various subtle hints throughout the trailer, this expansion might involve some forms of paradox.
  • Possible meanings/terms Duviri derived from:
    • In Sanskrit, द्वारी (dvArI) means 'door'.
    • In Sicilian, duviri could mean 'duty'.
    • In Latin, "Duoviri" means "Two Men", which could reference the young and the old Operator, and the paradox of them existing together.

In his latest Twich stream (8.29.19) [1] (with timestamp) DE_Steve hinted that the Duviri paradox' name comes from the twin Paradox which is related to time travel. This could reinforce the hypotesised latin origin of the name Duviri. As Steve also mentions, with knowledge of the twin paradox and that time travel is confirmed possible in the Warframe universe, one can draw new, more specific conclusions as to what the trailer may show and what the whole story behind it is.


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