“It is done. The Corpus Bust Alerts are no more.”
This event has concluded on all platforms.

The Corpus Bust Alerts is a series of day-long Alerts that lasted from September 1, 2016 to September 5, 2016 EDT on all platforms. Following a month-long period of sales, Darvo asked the Tenno to defend him from less-than-pleased Corpus forces in response to him stealing their weapon shipments.


Each Alert mission lasts for 24 hours, and each mission a Defense mission where players are tasked with defending Darvo from 10 waves of Corpus troops. Unlike most Defense missions, however, Darvo is permanently equipped with the DualCorpusMinigun.png Dual Cestra, which players cannot swap out for their secondary weapon, and the composition of enemies remains the same throughout the mission. The enemy composition for every alert, along with each Alert's respective reward, is listed below;

Alert Date Enemy Composition Reward
September 1, 2016 Hyena ThShockwave MOA, Scavenger Drone, and Elite Crewman Credits64.png 75,000
September 2, 2016 Hyena Ng, Oxium Osprey, Fog Scrambus, Sniper Crewman, and Detron Crewman Orokin Reactor blueprint and Credits64.png 10,000
September 3, 2016 Hyena LN2, Sapping Osprey, Fog Scrambus, Railgun MOAs, and Nullifier Crewman Orokin Catalyst blueprint and Credits64.png 10,000
September 4, 2016 Hyena Pb, Hyena LN2, Hyena Ng, Hyena ThAnti MOA, Detron Crewman, Nullifier Crewman, and Scrambus Forma blueprint and Credits64.png 10,000

Additionally, at the end of the final wave, players will have to face off against Debt Collectors, Scrambus variants who do not show up on the player's minimap (regardless of any Mods or Abilities in use), but are otherwise identical to a normal Scrambus.


The Month-Long Darvo Deal[]

At the start of August 2016, Darvo announces that he will be hosting series of sales for the rest of the month. In a message sent to the Tenno, he offhandedly mentions acquiring his goods via the theft of Corpus shipments, and his sales are an effort to liquidate his goods to cover his tracks.

For every day of the sale, select items are at a 30% discount of their usual Platinum costs, and each week players decide which among 3 given items will receive a 55% Platinum discount on Friday.

As August 2016 comes to a close, Darvo thanks the Tenno for taking his goods off his hands, remarking that he will lay low until the Corpus call off the search.

A Visit from the Debt Collectors[]

As misfortune would have it, at the start of next month Darvo is located by furious Corpus Merchants, who demand that he pay back the shipments he stole from them. Frantic, Darvo begs the Tenno to defend him from Corpus retaliation.


  • The involvement of the Hyena Pack is a nod to the Ties That Bind alert, where a captive Darvo requests the Tenno to free him from Frohd Bek's forces, which included the newly-developed Hyena proxies.