The Ascension is the third installment of the Warframe Fragments series released on December 21, 2017. Ten pages long, this webcomic explores the backstory of Councilor Vay Hek and his involvement with the creation of Grineer Ghouls.

The Ascension can be accessed from the main website.

Plot Summary[]

This comic is set during the rise of the Grineer empire, in the Kuva Fortress. Councilor Vay Hek and Dr. Tengus discuss how obedient the Ghouls prototype would be to the Grineer, of which the doctor assures so before reminding him that the Grineer Queens themselves will be the audience of their creation.

Playing as the "good host", the councelor wears a wig and a ruff before greeting his fellow Grineer generals and welcoming them to his presentation, an act which the Grineer Queens find insulting.

Apologizing, the counselor then shares his own vision to the Queens - A vision where the Grineer conquers the solar system without having to deploy a single ship or carrier, a conquest where an invasion of planets would simply mean seeding a batch of biomass bags from the orbit. He presents the Ghouls to the queens, stunning his entire audience with his creation.

In an act of betrayal, or perhaps as a deliberate stunt to showcase their ferocity to the Queens, the treacherous Tengus kicked Vay Hek into the Ghouls' enclosure, to be torn apart by the cannibalistic creatures. Impressed by the display, however, the Queens ordered Tengus to reconstruct Hek with cybernetics, turning him into the creature the Tenno will eventually encounter. After the betrayal, no further collaboration with Dr. Tengus is known after this point.


  • It seemed that Councilor Vay Hek always had a bad reputation even amongst the Grineer, as remarked by his fellow Grineer's disrespect.