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Can be molded by the Infestation but remains resistant to it.
—In-game Description

Thaumica is a rare ore found in both yellow and green mineral veins in the Cambion Drift. It's used to craft Thaumic Distillate.


  • Mining yellow and green mineral veins in Cambion Drift on the surface, although it seems more common from yellow veins.
  • Requiem Obelisks have a chance to drop Thaumica when the kill condition of the Obelisk is satisfied (usually killing with the operator or necramech).
  • Spitia Infested Cysts (rare) occasionally found on the Cambion Drift (seemingly one placed at Albrecht's Prospect region)

Blueprints Requiring Thaumica[]

Blueprint Type Quantity
ThaumicDistillate.png Thaumic Distillate x20 Resource 20
Total 20

Last updated: Hotfix 29.0.7 (2020-09-03)


  • They can be traded at Otak in exchange for Otak Tokens in quantities of 4 to 25.

Patch History[]

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)

  • The mining drop rate of Thaumica has been doubled! We’ve also Reduced the chance of getting Namalon while Mining in the Cambion Drift so that the chance of getting Thaumica is significantly increased.
    • Both Necrathene and Thaumica were similarly rare, but Thaumic Distillate is used in a wider variety of Blueprints, so expect to see it appear more often from yellow mineral deposits.

Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)