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Add Icons

In-game text icons can be inserted in loadout names (16 character limit), config names (16 character limit), and note beacon text (30 character limit).[1][2][3] Cannot be used when renaming weapons, naming companions, naming modular weapons, in Chat, in a Clan's hierarchy name, within a Clan's mesage of the day (MOTD), or in Railjack names as angle brackets are invalid characters. Internally, this is also how developers denote icons within strings.


  • DT stands for "damage type".
Damage Type What you type What it looks like
Impact DamageDmgImpactSmall64.png Impact <DT_IMPACT> File:DTImpactIcon.png
Puncture DamageDmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture <DT_PUNCTURE> File:DTPunctureIcon.png
Slash DamageDmgSlashSmall64.png Slash <DT_SLASH> File:DTSlashIcon.png
Heat DamageDmgHeatSmall64.png Heat <DT_FIRE> File:DTFireIcon.png
Cold DamageDmgColdSmall64.png Cold <DT_FREEZE> File:DTFreezeIcon.png
Electricity DamageDmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity <DT_ELECTRICITY> File:DTElectricityIcon.png
Toxin DamageDmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin <DT_POISON> File:DTPoisonIcon.png
Blast DamageDmgBlastSmall64.png Blast <DT_EXPLOSION> File:DTExplosionIcon.png
Radiation DamageDmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation <DT_RADIATION> File:DTRadiationIcon.png
Gas DamageDmgGasSmall64.png Gas <DT_GAS> File:DTGasIcon.png
Magnetic DamageDmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic <DT_MAGNETIC> File:DTMagneticIcon.png
Viral DamageDmgViralSmall64.png Viral <DT_VIRAL> File:DTViralIcon.png
Corrosive DamageDmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive <DT_CORROSIVE> File:DTCorrosiveIcon.png
Void DamageDmgVoidSmall64.png Void <DT_RADIANT> File:DTRadiantIcon.png
Tau DamageDmgTauSmall64.png Tau <DT_SENTIENT> File:DTSentientIcon.png
True DamageDmgTrueSmall64.png True <DT_FINISHER> File:DTFinisherIcon.png
Ballistic <DT_IMPACT_SPACE> File:DTImpactSpaceIcon.png
Plasma <DT_PUNCTURE_SPACE> File:DTPunctureSpaceIcon.png
Particle <DT_SLASH_SPACE> File:DTSlashSpaceIcon.png
Incendiary <DT_FIRE_SPACE> File:DTFireSpaceIcon.png
Frost <DT_FREEZE_SPACE> File:DTFreezeSpaceIcon.png
Ionic <DT_ELECTRICITY_SPACE> File:DTElectricitySpaceIcon.png
Chem <DT_POISON_SPACE> File:DTPoisonSpaceIcon.png


Polarity What you type What it looks like
Zenurik <POLARITY_POWER> Zenurik
Unairu <POLARITY_WARD> Unairu
Precept <POLARITY_PRECEPT> Penjaga


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Checkmark <CHECKMARK>
Checkmark Outline <CHECKMARK_OUTLINE>
Checkmark Fail <CHECKMARK_FAIL>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Sortie <SORTIE> File:SortieIcon.png
Lith Fissure <PROJECTION_T1> File:ProjectionT1Icon.png
Meso Fissure <PROJECTION_T2> File:ProjectionT2Icon.png
Neo Fissure <PROJECTION_T3> File:ProjectionT3Icon.png
Axi Fissure <PROJECTION_T4> File:ProjectionT4Icon.png
Session Indicator <SESSION_INDICATOR> File:SessionIndicatorIcon.png
Quest <QUEST> File:QuestIcon.png
Raid <RAID> File:RaidIcon.png
Nightmare Mission <NIGHTMARE_RAID> File:NightmareRaidIcon.png
Archwing <ARCHWING> File:ArchwingIcon.png
Kuva Lich <KUVA_LICH> File:KuvaLichIcon.png
Sister of Parvos <CORPUS_LICH>

Mission Markers[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Generic <MISSION_MARKER_GENERIC> File:MissionMarkerGenericIcon.png
Extraction <MISSION_MARKER_EXTRACTION> File:MissionMarkerExtractionIcon.png
Loot <MISSION_MARKER_LOOT> File:MissionMarkerLootIcon.png
Attack <MISSION_MARKER_ATTACK> File:MissionMarkerAttackIcon.png
A <MISSION_MARKER_A> File:MissionMarkerAIcon.png
B <MISSION_MARKER_B> File:MissionMarkerBIcon.png
C <MISSION_MARKER_C> File:MissionMarkerCIcon.png
D <MISSION_MARKER_D> File:MissionMarkerDIcon.png
E <MISSION_MARKER_E> File:MissionMarkerEIcon.png
F <MISSION_MARKER_F> File:MissionMarkerFIcon.png
Artifact Circle <ARTIFACT_MARKER_CIRCLE> File:ArtifactMarkerCircleIcon.png
Artifact Diamond <ARTIFACT_MARKER_DIAMOND> File:ArtifactMarkerDiamondIcon.png
Artifact Square <ARTIFACT_MARKER_SQUARE> File:ArtifactMarkerSquareIcon.png
Artifact Triangle <ARTIFACT_MARKER_TRIANGLE> File:ArtifactMarkerTriangleIcon.png
NPC Exit <NPC_EXIT_MARKER> File:NPCExitMarkerIcon.png
Hive <HIVE_MARKER> File:HiveMarkerIcon.png
Survival Pillar <SURVIVAL_PILLAR_MARKER> File:SurvivalPillarMarkerIcon.png
Survival Pillar Outline <SURVIVAL_PILLAR_OUTLINE_MARKER> File:SurvivalPillarOutlineMarkerIcon.png
Fisure Canister <FISURE_CANISTER_MARKER> File:FisureCanisterMarkerIcon.png
Fisure Canister Outline <FISURE_CANISTER_MARKER_OUTLINE> File:FisureCanisterMarkerOutlineIcon.png
Ally Down <ALLY_DOWN> File:AllyDownIcon.png
Defense Target <MISSION_MARKER_DEFEND> File:MissionMarkerDefendIcon.png
Vault <VAULT> File:VaultIcon.png
Increment Arrow <INC_ARROW> File:IncArrowIcon.png
Decrement Arrow <DEC_ARROW> File:DecArrowIcon.png
Alert <MISSION_MARKER_ALERT> File:MissionMarkerAlertIcon.png
Player <PLAYER> File:PlayerIcon.png
Arbitration Drone <ARBITRATION_DRONE> File:ArbitrationDroneIcon.png
NPC Colonist <NPC_COLONIST_MARKER> File:NPCColonistIcon.png
Full Serum <FULL_SERUM> File:FullSerumIcon.png
Empty Serum <EMPTY_SERUM> File:EmptySerumIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Stealth Combo <STEALTH_COMBO> File:StealthComboIcon.png
Timer <TIMER> File:TimerIcon.png
Infinite <INFINITE> File:InfiniteIcon.png
Infinite Small <INFINITE_SMALL> File:InfiniteSmallIcon.png
Nidus' Passive <INFESTED_ADAPTATION> File:InfestedAdaptationIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Venus Alert Mid <VENUS_ALERT_MID> File:VenusAlertMidIcon.png
Venus Alert Full <VENUS_ALERT_FULL> File:VenusAlertFullIcon.png
Kuva Lich <KUVA_LICH> File:KuvaLichIcon.png


Companion What you type What it looks like
Huras Kubrow <KUBROW_STEALTH> IconHuras.png
Raksa Kubrow <KUBROW_GUARD> IconRaksa.png
Sahasa Kubrow <KUBROW_ADVENTURER> IconSahasa.png
Sunika Kubrow <KUBROW_HUNTER> IconSunika.png
Chesa Kubrow <KUBROW_RETRIEVER> IconChesa.png
Helminth Charger <KUBROW_INFESTED> IconHelminth.png
Adarza Kavat <KAVAT_MIRROR> IconAdarza.png
Smeeta Kavat <KAVAT_CHESHIRE> IconSmeeta.png


  • Note that actual in-game icon will display a rectangle around each respective icon shown here.
Focus What you type What it looks like
Madurai <MADURAI> FocusLensMadurai b.png
Greater Madurai <MADURAI_GREATER>
Eidolon Madurai <MADURAI_EIDOLON>
Lua Madurai <MADURAI_LUA>
Naramon <NARAMON> FocusLensNaramon b.png
Greater Naramon <NARAMON_GREATER>
Eidolon Naramon <NARAMON_EIDOLON>
Lua Naramon <NARAMON_LUA>
Unairu <UNAIRU> FocusLensUnairu b.png
Greater Unairu <UNAIRU_GREATER>
Eidolon Unairu <UNAIRU_EIDOLON>
Lua Unairu <UNAIRU_LUA>
Vazarin <VAZARIN> FocusLensVazarin b.png
Greater Vazarin <VAZARIN_GREATER>
Eidolon Vazarin <VAZARIN_EIDOLON>
Lua Vazarin <VAZARIN_LUA>
Zenurik <ZENURIK> FocusLensZenurik b.png
Greater Zenurik <ZENURIK_GREATER>
Eidolon Zenurik <ZENURIK_EIDOLON>
Lua Zenurik <ZENURIK_LUA>
Focus <FOCUS> FocusLensFocus b.png



Resource What you type What it looks like
Vitus Essence <ELITIUM> VitusEssence64.png
Kuva <KUVA> Kuva64.png
Animo Nav Beacon <AMBULAS_DATA>
Void Traces <LUMINOUS> VoidTraces64.png
Endo <FUSION_POINTS> Endo64.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Locked <LOCKED> Noun security 957676.svg
Treasure Gem <TREASURE_GEM>
Treasure Gem Outline <TREASURE_GEM_OUTLINE>
Arcane Rank <ARCANE_RANK>
Arcane Rank Outline <ARCANE_RANK_OUTLINE>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Mod Selector <MOD_SELECTOR> File:ModSelectorIcon.png
Mod Duplicates <MOD_DUPLICATES> File:ModDuplicatesIcon.png
Mini Arrow <MINI_ARROW> File:MiniArrowIcon.png
Mod Set Filled Notch <MOD_SET_FILLED_NOTCH> File:ModSetFilledNotchIcon.png
Mod Set Empty Notch <MOD_SET_EMPTY_NOTCH> File:ModSetEmptyNotchIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Common <COMMON> File:CommonIcon.png
Uncommon <UNCOMMON> File:UncommonIcon.png
Rare <RARE> File:RareIcon.png
Legendary <LEGENDARY> LegendaryIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Pagination Last <PAGINATION_LAST> File:PaginationLastIcon.png
Pagination First <PAGINATION_FIRST> File:PaginationFirstIcon.png
Pagination Next <PAGINATION_NEXT> File:PaginationNextIcon.png
Pagination Previous <PAGINATION_PREVIOUS> File:PaginationPreviousIcon.png



Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Gamepad Swipe Up <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_UP> File:GamepadSwipeUpIcon.png
Gamepad Swipe Down <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_DOWN> File:GamepadSwipeDownIcon.png
Gamepad Swipe Left <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_LEFT> File:GamepadSwipeLeftIcon.png
Gamepad Swipe Right <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_RIGHT> File:GamepadSwipeRightIcon.png
Gamepad Motion Press <GAMEPAD_MOTION_PRESS> File:GamepadMotionPressIcon.png
Gamepad Lthumb <GAMEPAD_LTHUMB> File:GamepadLThumbIcon.png
Gamepad Lthumb Push <GAMEPAD_LTHUMB_PUSH> File:GamepadLThumbPushIcon.png
Gamepad Rthumb <GAMEPAD_RTHUMB> File:GamepadRThumbIcon.png
Gamepad Rthumb Push <GAMEPAD_RTHUMB_PUSH> File:GamepadRThumbPushIcon.png
Gamepad X <GAMEPAD_X> File:GamepadXIcon.png
Gamepad X Tap <GAMEPAD_X_TAP> File:GamepadXTapIcon.png
Gamepad Circle <GAMEPAD_CIRCLE> File:GamepadCircleIcon.png
Gamepad Circle Tap <GAMEPAD_CIRCLE_TAP> File:GamepadCircleTapIcon.png
Gamepad Square <GAMEPAD_SQUARE> File:GamepadSquareIcon.png
Gamepad Square Tap <GAMEPAD_SQUARE_TAP> File:GamepadSquareTapIcon.png
Gamepad Triangle <GAMEPAD_TRIANGLE> File:GamepadTriangleIcon.png
Gamepad Triangle Tap <GAMEPAD_TRIANGLE_TAP> File:GamepadTriangleTapIcon.png
Gamepad L2 <GAMEPAD_L2> File:GamepadL2Icon.png
Gamepad R2 <GAMEPAD_R2> File:GamepadR2Icon.png
Gamepad L1 <GAMEPAD_L1> File:GamepadL1Icon.png
Gamepad R1 <GAMEPAD_R1> File:GamepadR1Icon.png
Gamepad Rx <GAMEPAD_RX> File:GamepadRXIcon.png
Gamepad Ry Tilt Down <GAMEPAD_RY_TILT_DOWN> File:GamepadRYTiltDownIcon.png
Gamepad Ry Tilt Ud <GAMEPAD_RY_TILT_UD> File:GamepadRYTiltUDIcon.png
Gamepad Ry Tilt Four <GAMEPAD_RY_TILT_FOUR> File:GamepadRYTiltFourIcon.png
Gamepad Ly <GAMEPAD_LY> File:GamepadLYIcon.png
Gamepad Ry <GAMEPAD_RY> File:GamepadRYIcon.png
Gamepad Lx <GAMEPAD_LX> File:GamepadLXIcon.png
Gamepad Ly Tilt Ud <GAMEPAD_LY_TILT_UD> File:GamepadLYTiltUDIcon.png
Gamepad Start <GAMEPAD_START> File:GamepadStartIcon.png
Gamepad Select <GAMEPAD_SELECT> File:GamepadSelectIcon.png
Gamepad Up <GAMEPAD_UP> File:GamepadUpIcon.png
Gamepad Down <GAMEPAD_DOWN> File:GamepadDownIcon.png
Gamepad Left <GAMEPAD_LEFT> File:GamepadLeftIcon.png
Gamepad Right <GAMEPAD_RIGHT> File:GamepadRightIcon.png
Gamepad Lr <GAMEPAD_LR> File:GamepadLRIcon.png
Gamepad Ud <GAMEPAD_UD> File:GamepadUDIcon.png
Gamepad Capture <GAMEPAD_CAPTURE> File:GamepadCaptureIcon.png
Gamepad Home <GAMEPAD_HOME> File:GamepadHomeIcon.png
Gamepad Grip Left <GAMEPAD_GRIP_LEFT> File:GamepadGripLeftIcon.png
Gamepad Grip Right <GAMEPAD_GRIP_RIGHT> File:GamepadGripRightIcon.png
Up <UP> File:UpIcon.png
Down <DOWN> File:DownIcon.png
Left <LEFT> File:LeftIcon.png
Right <RIGHT> File:RightIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Touchpad Swipe Up <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_UP> File:TouchpadSwipeUpIcon.png
Touchpad Swipe Down <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_DOWN> File:TouchpadSwipeDownIcon.png
Touchpad Swipe Left <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_LEFT> File:TouchpadSwipeLeftIcon.png
Touchpad Swipe Right <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_RIGHT> File:TouchpadSwipeRightIcon.png
Touchpad Motion Press <TOUCHPAD_MOTION_PRESS> File:TouchpadMotionPressIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Up Arrow <UPARROW> File:UpArrowIcon.png
Down Arrow <DOWNARROW> File:DownArrowIcon.png
Right Chevron <ARROW_RIGHT> File:ArrowRightIcon.png
Control <CONTROL> File:ControlIcon.png
Scroll <SCROLL> File:ScrollIcon.png
Pause <PAUSE> File:PauseIcon.png
End <END> File:EndIcon.png
Divide <DIVIDE> File:DivideIcon.png
Multiply <MULTIPLY> File:MultiplyIcon.png
Subtract <SUBTRACT> File:SubtractIcon.png
Add <ADD> File:AddIcon.png
Decimal <DECIMAL> File:DecimalIcon.png
Numpad Enter <NUMPADENTER> File:NumpadEnterIcon.png
Numpad 0 <NUMPAD0> File:Numpad0Icon.png
Numpad 1 <NUMPAD1> File:Numpad1Icon.png
Numpad 2 <NUMPAD2> File:Numpad2Icon.png
Numpad 3 <NUMPAD3> File:Numpad3Icon.png
Numpad 4 <NUMPAD4> File:Numpad4Icon.png
Numpad 5 <NUMPAD5> File:Numpad5Icon.png
Numpad 6 <NUMPAD6> File:Numpad6Icon.png
Numpad 7 <NUMPAD7> File:Numpad7Icon.png
Numpad 8 <NUMPAD8> File:Numpad8Icon.png
Numpad 9 <NUMPAD9> File:Numpad9Icon.png
Insert <INSERT> File:InsertIcon.png
Home <HOME> File:HomeIcon.png
Apostrophe <APOSTROPHE> File:ApostropheIcon.png
Semicolon <SEMICOLON> File:SemicolonIcon.png
Space <SPACE> File:SpaceIcon.png
Escape <ESCAPE> File:EscapeIcon.png
Page Up <PRIOR> File:PriorIcon.png
Page Down <NEXT> File:NextIcon.png
Return <RETURN>
Return <MENU_SELECT> ↵   
Back <BACK> File:BackIcon.png
Numlock <NUMLOCK> File:NumlockIcon.png
Key <KEY> File:KeyIcon.png
Keywide <KEYWIDE> File:KeywideIcon.png
Tab <TAB> File:TabIcon.png
Delete <DELETE> File:DeleteIcon.png
Left Shift <LSHIFT> File:LShiftIcon.png
Right Bracket <RBRACKET> File:RBracketIcon.png
Left Bracket <LBRACKET> File:LBracketIcon.png
Grave Accent <GRAVE> File:GraveIcon.png
Minus <MINUS> File:MinusIcon.png
Equals <EQUALS> File:EqualsIcon.png
Backslash <BACKSLASH> File:BackslashIcon.png
Caps Lock <CAPITAL> File:CapitalIcon.png
Right Shift <RSHIFT> File:RShiftIcon.png
Comma <COMMA> File:CommaIcon.png
Period <PERIOD> File:PeriodIcon.png
Slash <SLASH> File:SlashIcon.png
Left Control <LCONTROL> File:LControlIcon.png
Left Alt <LALT> File:LAltIcon.png
Right Alt <RALT> File:RAltIcon.png
Apps <APPS> File:AppsIcon.png
Right Control <RCONTROL> File:RControlIcon.png
F1 <F1> File:F1Icon.png
F2 <F2> File:F2Icon.png
F3 <F3> File:F3Icon.png
F4 <F4> File:F4Icon.png
F5 <F5> File:F5Icon.png
F6 <F6> File:F6Icon.png
F7 <F7> File:F7Icon.png
F8 <F8> File:F8Icon.png
F9 <F9> File:F9Icon.png
F10 <F10> File:F10Icon.png
F11 <F11> File:F11Icon.png
F12 <F12> File:F12Icon.png
Key assigned to Secondary Fire <SECONDARY_FIRE> Variable


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Left Mouse Button <MOUSE_B0> File:MouseB0Icon.png
Right Mouse Button <MOUSE_B1> File:MouseB1Icon.png
Middle Mouse Button / Scroll Wheel <MOUSE_B2> File:MouseB2Icon.png
Mouse Button 4 <MOUSE_B3> M4
Mouse Button 5 <MOUSE_B4> M5
Mouse Movement X Axis <MOUSE_X> File:MouseXIcon.png
Mouse Movement Y Axis <MOUSE_Y> File:MouseYIcon.png


Currency What you type What it looks like
Credits <CREDITS> Credits64.png
Coupon <COUPON> Noun label 2056011.svg
Platinum <PLATINUM_CREDITS> Platinum64.png
Ducats <PRIME_BUCKS> PrimeBucks.png
Kuva <KUVA> Kuva64.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Clan XP <CLAN_XP> ClanAffinity64.png
Mastery Rank 0 <RANK_0> File:Rank0Icon.png
Mastery Rank 1 <RANK_1> File:Rank1Icon.png
Mastery Rank 2 <RANK_2> File:Rank2Icon.png
Mastery Rank 3 <RANK_3> File:Rank3Icon.png
Mastery Rank 4 <RANK_4> File:Rank4Icon.png
Mastery Rank 5 <RANK_5> File:Rank5Icon.png
Mastery Rank 6 <RANK_6> File:Rank6Icon.png
Mastery Rank 7 <RANK_7> File:Rank7Icon.png
Mastery Rank 8 <RANK_8> File:Rank8Icon.png
Mastery Rank 9 <RANK_9> File:Rank9Icon.png
Mastery Rank 10 <RANK_10> File:Rank10Icon.png
Mastery Rank 11 <RANK_11> File:Rank11Icon.png
Mastery Rank 12 <RANK_12> File:Rank12Icon.png
Mastery Rank 13 <RANK_13> File:Rank13Icon.png
Mastery Rank 14 <RANK_14> File:Rank14Icon.png
Mastery Rank 15 <RANK_15> File:Rank15Icon.png
Mastery Rank 16 <RANK_16> File:Rank16Icon.png
Mastery Rank 17 <RANK_17> File:Rank17Icon.png
Mastery Rank 18 <RANK_18> File:Rank18Icon.png
Mastery Rank 19 <RANK_19> File:Rank19Icon.png
Mastery Rank 20 <RANK_20> File:Rank20Icon.png
Mastery Rank 21 <RANK_21> File:Rank21Icon.png
Mastery Rank 22 <RANK_22> File:Rank22Icon.png
Mastery Rank 23 <RANK_23> File:Rank23Icon.png
Mastery Rank 24 <RANK_24> File:Rank24Icon.png
Mastery Rank 25 <RANK_25> File:Rank25Icon.png
Mastery Rank 26 <RANK_26> File:Rank26Icon.png
Mastery Rank 27 <RANK_27> File:Rank27Icon.png
Mastery Rank 28 <RANK_28> File:Rank28Icon.png
Mastery Rank 29 <RANK_29> File:Rank29Icon.png
Mastery Rank 30 <RANK_30> File:Rank30Icon.png
Legendary 1 <RANK_31> File:Rank31Icon.png
Legendary 2 <RANK_32> File:Rank32Icon.png
Legendary 3 <RANK_33> File:Rank33Icon.png
Legendary 4 <RANK_34> File:Rank34Icon.png
Legendary 5 <RANK_35> File:Rank35Icon.png
Legendary 6 <RANK_36> File:Rank36Icon.png
Legendary 7 <RANK_37> File:Rank37Icon.png
Legendary 8 <RANK_38> File:Rank38Icon.png
Legendary 9 <RANK_39> File:Rank39Icon.png
Legendary 10 <RANK_40> File:Rank40Icon.png
Legendary 11 <RANK_41> File:Rank41Icon.png
Legendary 12 <RANK_42> File:Rank42Icon.png
Legendary 13 <RANK_43> File:Rank43Icon.png
Legendary 14 <RANK_44> File:Rank44Icon.png
Legendary 15 <RANK_45> File:Rank45Icon.png
Legendary 16 <RANK_46> File:Rank46Icon.png
Legendary 17 <RANK_47> File:Rank47Icon.png
Legendary 18 <RANK_48> File:Rank48Icon.png
Legendary 19 <RANK_49> File:Rank49Icon.png
Legendary 20 <RANK_50> File:Rank50Icon.png
Legendary 21 <RANK_51> File:Rank51Icon.png
Radial Button On <RADIAL_BUTTON_ON> File:RadialButtonOnIcon.png
Radial Button Off <RADIAL_BUTTON_OFF> File:RadialButtonOffIcon.png


  • Energy and Health icons are animated.
Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Energy <ENERGY> File:EnergyIcon.gif
Health <HEALTH> File:HealthIcon.gif
Shield <SHIELD> File:ShieldIcon.gif


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Perrin Sequence <PERRIN> PerrinSequenceIconBlack.svg
New Loka <LOKA> LokaIconBlack.png
Red Veil <REDVEIL> RedVeilIconBlack.png
Steel Meridian <MERIDIAN> SteelIconBlack.svg
Arbiters of Hexis <HEXIS> ArbitarIconBlack.png
Cephalon Suda <SUDA> CephalonIconBlack.svg
Ventkids <VENTKIDS> VentkidsIcon.png
Vox Solaris <SOLARIS> VoxSolarisIcon.png
Nightwave <LEGION> NightwaveSyndicate.png
Neutral Syndicate <NEUTRAL_SYNDICATE>
Cephalon Simaris <SIMARIS> Simaris Sigil black.png
Conclave <CONCLAVE> FactionSigilConclave black.png
Reputation <REPUTATION> ReputationLargeBlack.png
Reputation Small <REPUTATION_SMALL>
Ostron Price <OSTRON_PRICE>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Nightwave <LEGION> NightwaveSyndicate.png
Weekly <WEEKLY>
Nightwave Prestige <NIGHTWAVE_PRESTIGE>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Conclave <CONCLAVE> File:ConclaveIcon.png
Moon Team <MOON_TEAM> File:MoonTeamIcon.png
Sun Team <SUN_TEAM> File:SunTeamIcon.png
Moon Team Dropped <MOON_TEAM_DROPPED> File:MoonTeamDroppedIcon.png
Sun Team Dropped <SUN_TEAM_DROPPED> File:SunTeamDroppedIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Daughter Token <DAUGHTER_TOKEN> DaughterToken64.png
Father Token <FATHER_TOKEN> FatherToken64.png
Grandmother Token <GRANDMOTHER_TOKEN> GrandmotherToken64.png
Mother Token <MOTHER_TOKEN> MotherToken64.png
Otak Token <OTAK_TOKEN> OtakToken64.png
Son Token <SON_TOKEN> SonToken64.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Sentinel <SENTINEL> Equipment05KeysanddronesIcon.png
Archwing <ARCHWING> Warframes06ArchwingsIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Owned Item <OWNED>
Preview <PREVIEW>
Mastered <MASTERED>
Mastery Rank <MASTERY_RANK>
Mastery Rank Small <MASTERY_RANK_SMALL>
Mastery Rank Locked <MASTERY_RANK_LOCKED>
Tennogen <UGC> Tennogenlogo.png
Bundle <BUNDLE>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like

Special Characters[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Line Separator <LINE_SEPARATOR> File:LineSeparatorIcon.png
Empty String <""> ./Special:FilePath/""Icon.png
Registered Trademark <REGISTERED_TRADEMARK> File:RegisteredTrademarkIcon.png
Registered Trademark Small <REGISTERED_TM_SMALL> File:RegisteredTMSmallIcon.png
Trademark Small <TM_SMALL> File:TMSmallIcon.png
Service Mark Small <SM_SMALL> File:SMSmallIcon.png
Infinity <INFINITY> File:InfinityIcon.png


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Railjack <RAILJACK>
House Vidar <MANUFACTURER_VIDAR> HouseVidar.png
House Zekti <MANUFACTURER_ZEKTI> HouseZetki.png
House Lavan <MANUFACTURER_LAVAN> HouseLavan.png
Salvage <SALVAGE>
Avionics Capacity <AVIONICS_CAPACITY>

Social Media[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Steam <STEAM>
Discord <DISCORD>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Ammo Mutation <AMMO_MUTATION> AmmoMutation.png
Reset <RESET> Noun reset 3012384.svg
Problem <PROBLEM>
Big Problem <BIG_PROBLEM>
Universal <UNIVERSAL>
Omega <OMEGA>
Warning <WARNING>
Checker Really Small <CHECKER_REALLY_SMALL>
Checker Small <CHECKER_SMALL>
Checker Medium <CHECKER_MEDIUM>
Checker Big <CHECKER_BIG>
Checker Really Big <CHECKER_REALLY_BIG>
Lotus <LOTUS> CBforum.png
Plus <PLUS> Noun circle plus 620834.svg
Infested <INFESTED>
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Patch History[]

Hotfix 28.1.1 (2020-07-09)

  • Fixed the Railjack HUD sometimes showing "<SECONDARY_FIRE>" on the bottom-left instead of the button that Ordnance is bound to.

Update 25.3 (2019-07-06)