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  • Cross platform, Windows, Xbox, Playstation Network, and Nintendo Switch symbols
  • Entrati, Necraloid, Zariman, Kahl's Garrison syndicate symbols?
  • Helminth Invigoration icon
  • Aya symbol?
  • Vulpaphyla and Predasite symbols?
  • Modular weapon related symbols?
  • Requiem fissure
  • Switch Gamepad Icons
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This article/section contains unofficial information, concepts, or terminology derived from or based on community discussion, invention, or knowledge. It may be subjective and contain information or terminology that is not used by Digital Extremes or in official WARFRAME communications, and may not be an officially recognized concept.

In-game text icons can be inserted in loadout names (16 character limit), config names (16 character limit), Tributa Statue decoration text in Clan Dojo and Note Beacon decoration text in Orbiter (30 character limit) via special codes. [1][2][3] Chat icons (such as :platinum: etc) will simply remain as text and will not be replaced by the intended chat icon.

These codes cannot be used when renaming weapons, naming companions, naming modular weapons, in Chat, in a Clan's hierarchy name, within a Clan's message of the day (MOTD), or in Railjack names as angle brackets (<>) are invalid characters. Internally, this is also how developers denote icons within strings so their text parser can replace them with actual images. As such, these may be seen in other places such as descriptions in entries of Public Export or EE.cfg.


Text icon codes are denoted by capitalized text surrounded by angle brackets (<>) with underscore characters (_) as whitespace. Valid codes will be replaced by an icon in its place in the text. Invalid codes will output the text inputted.

For valid text icon codes, a colon (:) can be appended right before the left angle bracket (>) with additional text following it with no effect on the output. For example, <DT_RADIANT>, <DT_RADIANT:>, and <DT_RADIANT:random text> output VoidTearIcon. However, invalid text icon codes with a colon will always output two quotation marks (""). For example, <DT_RADIAN:> will output "" while <DT_RADIAN> will output <DT_RADIAN>.

Some codes related to Key Bindings will only output an icon if the respective key binding is set to a non-empty value or if the associated control scheme is being actively used (keyboard & mouse vs. Xbox controller).


  • DT stands for "damage type".
Damage Type What you type What it looks like
DmgImpactSmall64 Impact <DT_IMPACT> Impact w
DmgPunctureSmall64 Puncture <DT_PUNCTURE> Puncture w
DmgSlashSmall64 Slash <DT_SLASH> Slash w
DmgFireSmall64 Heat <DT_FIRE> Heat w
DmgColdSmall64 Cold <DT_FREEZE> Cold w
DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity <DT_ELECTRICITY> Electricity w
DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin <DT_POISON> Toxin w
DmgBlastSmall64 Blast <DT_EXPLOSION> Blast w
DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation <DT_RADIATION> Radiation w
DmgGasSmall64 Gas <DT_GAS> Gas w
DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic <DT_MAGNETIC> Magnetic w
DmgViralSmall64 Viral <DT_VIRAL> Viral w
DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive <DT_CORROSIVE> Corrosive w
DmgVoidSmall64 Void <DT_RADIANT> VoidTearIcon w
DmgTauSmall64 Tau <DT_SENTIENT> Tau w
DmgTrueSmall64 True <DT_FINISHER> True w
Ballistic <DT_IMPACT_SPACE> Ballistic w
Plasma <DT_PUNCTURE_SPACE> Plasma w
Particle <DT_SLASH_SPACE> Particle w
Incendiary <DT_FIRE_SPACE> Incendiary w
Frost <DT_FREEZE_SPACE> Cold w


Polarity What you type What it looks like
Madurai <POLARITY_ATTACK> Madurai Pol
Vazarin <POLARITY_DEFENSE> Vazarin Pol
Naramon <POLARITY_TACTIC> Naramon Pol
Zenurik <POLARITY_POWER> Zenurik Pol
Unairu <POLARITY_WARD> Unairu Pol
Precept <POLARITY_PRECEPT> Penjaga Pol
Umbra <POLARITY_UMBRA> Umbra Pol
Fusion <POLARITY_FUSION> Koneksi Pol


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Checkmark <CHECKMARK> IconCheckmark
Checkmark Outline <CHECKMARK_OUTLINE> IconCheckmarkOutline
Checkmark Fail <CHECKMARK_FAIL> IconCheckmarkFail


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Sortie <SORTIE> Sortie
Lith Fissure <PROJECTION_T1> IconProjectionT1
Meso Fissure <PROJECTION_T2> IconProjectionT2
Neo Fissure <PROJECTION_T3> IconProjectionT3
Axi Fissure <PROJECTION_T4> IconProjectionT4
Session Indicator <SESSION_INDICATOR> IconSessionIndicator
Quest <QUEST> IconQuest
Raid <RAID> IconRaid
Nightmare Mission <NIGHTMARE_RAID> IconNightmareRaid
Archwing <ARCHWING> IconArchwing
Kuva Lich <KUVA_LICH> OldBloodSigil
Sister of Parvos <CORPUS_LICH> SisterhoodSigil

Mission Markers[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Generic <MISSION_MARKER_GENERIC> IconMissionMarkerGeneric
Extraction <MISSION_MARKER_EXTRACTION> IconMissionMarkerExtraction
Loot <MISSION_MARKER_LOOT> IconMissionMarkerLoot
Attack <MISSION_MARKER_ATTACK> IconMissionMarkerAttack
A <MISSION_MARKER_A> IconMissionMarkerA
B <MISSION_MARKER_B> IconMissionMarkerB
C <MISSION_MARKER_C> IconMissionMarkerC
D <MISSION_MARKER_D> IconMissionMarkerD
E <MISSION_MARKER_E> IconMissionMarkerE
F <MISSION_MARKER_F> IconMissionMarkerF
Artifact Circle <ARTIFACT_MARKER_CIRCLE> IconArtifactMarkerCircle
Artifact Diamond <ARTIFACT_MARKER_DIAMOND> IconArtifactMarkerDiamond
Artifact Square <ARTIFACT_MARKER_SQUARE> IconArtifactMarkerSquare
Artifact Triangle <ARTIFACT_MARKER_TRIANGLE> IconArtifactMarkerTriangle
Hive <HIVE_MARKER> IconHiveMarker
Survival Pillar <SURVIVAL_PILLAR_MARKER> IconSurvivalPillarMarker
Survival Pillar Outline <SURVIVAL_PILLAR_OUTLINE_MARKER> IconSurvivalPillarOutlineMarker
Fissure Canister <FISURE_CANISTER_MARKER> IconFisureCanisterMarker
Fissure Canister Outline <FISURE_CANISTER_MARKER_OUTLINE> IconFisureCanisterMarkerOutline
Ally Down <ALLY_DOWN> IconAllyDown
Defense Target <MISSION_MARKER_DEFEND> IconMissionMarkerDefend
Vault <VAULT> IconVault
Increment Arrow <INC_ARROW> IconIncArrow
Decrement Arrow <DEC_ARROW> IconDecArrow
Alert <MISSION_MARKER_ALERT> IconMissionMarkerAlert
Player <PLAYER> IconPlayer
Arbitration Drone <ARBITRATION_DRONE> IconArbitrationDrone
NPC Colonist <NPC_COLONIST_MARKER> IconNPCColonistMarker
Full Serum <FULL_SERUM> AntiserumInjector
Empty Serum <EMPTY_SERUM> IconMissionMarkerE


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Stealth Combo <STEALTH_COMBO> IconStealthCombo
Timer <TIMER> IconTimer
Infinite <INFINITE> IconInfinite
Infinite Small <INFINITE_SMALL> IconInfinite
Nidus' Passive <INFESTED_ADAPTATION> IconInfestedAdaptation


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Venus Alert Mid <VENUS_ALERT_MID> IconVenusAlert
Venus Alert Full <VENUS_ALERT_FULL> IconVenusAlert
Kuva Lich <KUVA_LICH> OldBloodSigil


Companion What you type What it looks like
Huras Kubrow <KUBROW_STEALTH> IconKubrowStealth
Raksa Kubrow <KUBROW_GUARD> IconKubrowGuard
Sahasa Kubrow <KUBROW_ADVENTURER> IconKubrowAdventurer
Sunika Kubrow <KUBROW_HUNTER> IconKubrowHunter
Chesa Kubrow <KUBROW_RETRIEVER> IconKubrowRetriever
Helminth Charger <KUBROW_INFESTED> IconKubrowInfested
Adarza Kavat <KAVAT_MIRROR> IconKavatMirror
Smeeta Kavat <KAVAT_CHESHIRE> IconKavatCheshire


Focus What you type What it looks like
Madurai <MADURAI> IconMadurai
Greater Madurai <MADURAI_GREATER> IconMaduraiGreater
Eidolon Madurai <MADURAI_EIDOLON> IconMaduraiEidolon
Lua Madurai <MADURAI_LUA> IconMaduraiLua
Naramon <NARAMON> IconNaramon
Greater Naramon <NARAMON_GREATER> IconNaramonGreater
Eidolon Naramon <NARAMON_EIDOLON> IconNaramonEidolon
Lua Naramon <NARAMON_LUA> IconNaramonLua
Unairu <UNAIRU> IconUnairu
Greater Unairu <UNAIRU_GREATER> IconUnairuGreater
Eidolon Unairu <UNAIRU_EIDOLON> IconUnairuEidolon
Lua Unairu <UNAIRU_LUA> IconUnairuLua
Vazarin <VAZARIN> IconVazarin
Greater Vazarin <VAZARIN_GREATER> IconVazarinGreater
Eidolon Vazarin <VAZARIN_EIDOLON> IconVazarinEidolon
Lua Vazarin <VAZARIN_LUA> IconVazarinLua
Zenurik <ZENURIK> IconZenurik
Greater Zenurik <ZENURIK_GREATER> IconZenurikGreater
Eidolon Zenurik <ZENURIK_EIDOLON> IconZenurikEidolon
Lua Zenurik <ZENURIK_LUA> IconZenurikLua
Focus <FOCUS> FocusLensFocus



Resource What you type What it looks like
Vitus Essence <ELITIUM> VitusEssence
Kuva <KUVA> Kuva64
Animo Nav Beacon <AMBULAS_DATA> AnimoNavBeacon
Void Traces <LUMINOUS> LuminousIconLarge
Endo <FUSION_POINTS> IconFusionPoints


Symbol name What you type What it looks like Unicode equivalent
Locked <LOCKED> IconLocked
Treasure Gem <TREASURE_GEM> IconTreasureGem
Treasure Gem Outline <TREASURE_GEM_OUTLINE> IconTreasureGemOutline
Arcane Rank <ARCANE_RANK> IconArcaneRank
Arcane Rank Outline <ARCANE_RANK_OUTLINE> IconArcaneRankOutline


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Mod Selector <MOD_SELECTOR> IconModSelector
Mod Duplicates <MOD_DUPLICATES> IconModDuplicates
Mini Arrow <MINI_ARROW> IconMiniArrow
Mod Set Filled Notch <MOD_SET_FILLED_NOTCH> IconModSetFilledNotch
Mod Set Empty Notch <MOD_SET_EMPTY_NOTCH> IconModSetEmptyNotch


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Common <COMMON> IconCommon
Uncommon <UNCOMMON> IconUncommon
Rare <RARE> IconRare
Legendary <LEGENDARY> IconLegendary

Archon Shards[]

Archon Shard symbols.[4]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Amber Shard Bonus <SHARD_YELLOW_SIMPLE> IconShardYellowSimple
Azure Shard Bonus <SHARD_BLUE_SIMPLE> IconShardBlueSimple
Crimson Shard Bonus <SHARD_RED_SIMPLE> IconShardRedSimple
Emerald Shard Bonus <SHARD_GREEN_SIMPLE> IconShardGreenSimple
Topaz Shard Bonus <SHARD_ORANGE_SIMPLE> IconShardOrangeSimple
Violet Shard Bonus <SHARD_PURPLE_SIMPLE> IconShardPurpleSimple


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Pagination Last <PAGINATION_LAST> IconPaginationLast
Pagination First <PAGINATION_FIRST> IconPaginationFirst
Pagination Next <PAGINATION_NEXT> IconPaginationNext
Pagination Previous <PAGINATION_PREVIOUS> IconPaginationPrevious



These icons change depending on player's Key Bindings.[5]

Key Bindings[]

Code Context What it looks like (PC default)
<MOVE_X> Horizontal movement (left/right)
<MOVE_Y> Vertical movement (up/down)
<MOVE_Z> Horizontal movement (forwards/backwards)
<SHOW_SECRET_1> Waypoint
<PRE_ATTACK> Attacking IconMouseB0
<RUN> Sprinting
<PRE_RUN> Sprinting
<SECONDARY_FIRE> Secondary/Alternate Fire IconMouseB2
<JUMP> Jumping
<USE> Interact
<CYCLE_POWER_NEXT> Cycling abilities (left to right)
<CYCLE_POWER_PREV> Cycling abilities (right to left)
<SHOW_LEVEL_MAP> Opening map/enlarging minimap
<VIEW_MISSION_PROGRESS> Toggle mission progress screen
<CYCLE_CAMERA_NEXT> Switching spectator camera
<CYCLE_CAMERA_PREV> Switching spectator camera
<REVERSE_CAMERA_OFFSET> Switch camera location
<NEXT_INV> Swapping weapons
<SWITCH_GUN> Swapping to guns
<CROUCH> Toggle crouching
<HOLD_CROUCH> Crouching
<LEAN_LEFT> Rotate Railjack port-side
<LEAN_RIGHT> Rotate Railjack starboard-side
<MELEE> Quick melee attack
<MELEE_SWING> Melee attack in melee mode
<MELEE_PARRY> Blocking
<MELEE_CHANNEL> Heavy Attack button
<RELOAD> Reloading
<VIEW_HUMAN_PLAYERS> Toggle player list
<ACTIVATE_ABILITY_0> First ability
<ACTIVATE_ABILITY_1> Second ability
<ACTIVATE_ABILITY_2> Third ability
<ACTIVATE_ABILITY_3> Fourth ability
<ACTIVATE_ABILITY_4> Transference
<GEAR_HOTKEY_0> Gear hotkey 1
<GEAR_HOTKEY_1> Gear hotkey 2
<GEAR_HOTKEY_2> Gear hotkey 3
<GEAR_HOTKEY_3> Gear hotkey 4
<GEAR_HOTKEY_4> Gear hotkey 5
<GEAR_HOTKEY_5> Gear hotkey 6
<GEAR_HOTKEY_6> Gear hotkey 7
<GEAR_HOTKEY_7> Gear hotkey 8
<GEAR_HOTKEY_8> Gear hotkey 9
<GEAR_HOTKEY_9> Gear hotkey 10
<GEAR_HOTKEY_10> Gear hotkey 11
<GEAR_HOTKEY_11> Gear hotkey 12
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_0> Emote hotkey 1
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_1> Emote hotkey 2
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_2> Emote hotkey 3
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_3> Emote hotkey 4
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_4> Emote hotkey 5
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_5> Emote hotkey 6
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_6> Emote hotkey 7
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_7> Emote hotkey 8
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_8> Emote hotkey 9
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_9> Emote hotkey 10
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_10> Emote hotkey 11
<EMOTE_HOTKEY_11> Emote hotkey 12
<PUSH_TO_TALK> Voice chat
<INSPECT> View player profile
<VIEW_QUICK_PROGRESS> View mission progress screen
<SELECT_SUB_GEAR_0> Equip fishing spear
<SELECT_SUB_GEAR_1> Use fish bait
<TOGGLE_RAILJACK_CAMERA> Toggle Railjack rear camera view
<VIEW_RAILJACK_SYSTEMS> Open Railjack Tactical Menu
<PICKUP> Pickup items
<MENU_CANCEL> Menu cancel
<MENU_SELECT> Menu select
<MENU_GENERIC1> Generic menu 1 IconGamepadX
<MENU_GENERIC2> Generic menu 2
<LOOK_X> Horizontal camera movement IconMouseX
<LOOK_Y> Vertical camera movement IconMouseY
<SHOW_INVENTORY> Show inventory

Dojo Decorations[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like (PC default)
Place decoration <DOJO_SELECTION_PLACE> IconMouseB0
Rotate decoration <DOJO_SELECTION_ROTATE> IconMouseB1
Scale decoration <DOJO_SELECTION_SCALE>
Exit decoration menu <DOJO_SELECTION_EXIT>


Symbol name What you type What it looks like


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Gamepad Swipe Up (PSN) <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_UP> IconTouchpadSwipeUp
Gamepad Swipe Down (PSN) <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_DOWN> IconTouchpadSwipeDown
Gamepad Swipe Left (PSN) <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_LEFT> IconTouchpadSwipeLeft
Gamepad Swipe Right (PSN) <GAMEPAD_SWIPE_RIGHT> IconTouchpadSwipeRight
Gamepad Motion Press (PSN) <GAMEPAD_MOTION_PRESS> IconTouchpadMotionPress
Gamepad Lthumb (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_LTHUMB> IconGamepadL3 (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLS (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Lthumb Push (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_LTHUMB_PUSH> IconGamepadL3Push (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLSPush (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Rthumb (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_RTHUMB> IconGamepadR3 (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRS (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Rthumb Push (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_RTHUMB_PUSH> IconGamepadR3Push (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRSPush (Xbox controller)
Gamepad X (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_X> IconGamepadCross (PSN controller) & IconGamepadA (Xbox controller)
Gamepad X Tap (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_X_TAP> IconGamepadCross (PSN controller) & IconGamepadA (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Circle (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_CIRCLE> IconGamepadCircle (PSN controller) & IconGamepadB (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Circle Tap (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_CIRCLE_TAP> IconGamepadCircle (PSN controller) & IconGamepadB (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Square (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_SQUARE> IconGamepadSquare (PSN controller) & IconGamepadX (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Square Tap (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_SQUARE_TAP> IconGamepadSquare (PSN controller) & IconGamepadX (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Triangle (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_TRIANGLE> IconGamepadTriangle (PSN controller) & IconGamepadY (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Triangle Tap (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_TRIANGLE_TAP> IconGamepadTriangle (PSN controller) & IconGamepadY (Xbox controller)
Gamepad L2 (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_L2> IconGamepadL1 (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLB (Xbox controller)
Gamepad R2 (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_R2> IconGamepadR1 (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRB (Xbox controller)
Gamepad L1 (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_L1> IconGamepadL2 (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLT (Xbox controller)
Gamepad R1 (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_R1> IconGamepadR2 (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRT (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Rx <GAMEPAD_RX> IconGamepadRX (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRSX (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ly <GAMEPAD_LY> IconGamepadLX (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLSX (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ry <GAMEPAD_RY> IconGamepadRX (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRSX (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Lx <GAMEPAD_LX> IconGamepadLX (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLSX (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ry Tilt Down <GAMEPAD_RY_TILT_DOWN> IconGamepadRYTiltDown (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRSYTiltDown (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ry Tilt Ud <GAMEPAD_RY_TILT_UD> IconGamepadRYTiltUD (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRSYTiltUD (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ly Tilt Ud <GAMEPAD_LY_TILT_UD> IconGamepadLYTiltUD (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLSYTiltUD (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ry Tilt Four <GAMEPAD_RY_TILT_FOUR> IconGamepadRYTiltFour (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRSYTiltFour (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Start <GAMEPAD_START> IconGamepadOptionsPS4 (PS4 controller) & IconGamepadOptionsPS5 (PS5 controller) & IconGamepadMenuXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Select <GAMEPAD_SELECT> IconGamepadCapturePS4(PS4 controller) & IconGamepadCapturePS5(PS5 controller) & IconGamepadSelectXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Up <GAMEPAD_UP> IconGamepadUpPSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadUpXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Down <GAMEPAD_DOWN> IconGamepadDownPSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadDownXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Left <GAMEPAD_LEFT> IconGamepadLeftPSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLefttXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Right <GAMEPAD_RIGHT> IconGamepadRightPSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadRightXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Lr <GAMEPAD_LR> IconGamepadLR (PC), IconGamepadLRPSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadLRXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Ud <GAMEPAD_UD> IconGamepadUD (PC), IconGamepadUDPSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadUDXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Capture <GAMEPAD_CAPTURE>
Gamepad Home (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_HOME> IconGamepadHomePSN (PSN controller) & IconGamepadHomeXbox (Xbox controller)
Gamepad Grip Left (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_GRIP_LEFT> File:IconGamepadGripLeft.png
Gamepad Grip Right (depends on controller) <GAMEPAD_GRIP_RIGHT> File:IconGamepadGripRight.png
Up <UP> IconUp
Down <DOWN> IconDown
Left <LEFT> IconLeft
Right <RIGHT> IconRight


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Touchpad Swipe Up <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_UP> IconTouchpadSwipeUp
Touchpad Swipe Down <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_DOWN> IconTouchpadSwipeDown
Touchpad Swipe Left <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_LEFT> IconTouchpadSwipeLeft
Touchpad Swipe Right <TOUCHPAD_SWIPE_RIGHT> IconTouchpadSwipeRight
Touchpad Motion Press <TOUCHPAD_MOTION_PRESS> IconTouchpadMotionPress


Symbol name What you type What it looks like Unicode equilvalent
Up Arrow <UPARROW> IconUpArrow
Down Arrow <DOWNARROW> IconDownArrow
Right Chevron <ARROW_RIGHT> IconArrowRight
Control <CONTROL> IconControl Ctrl
Scroll <SCROLL> IconScroll ScrlLk
Pause <PAUSE> IconPause Pause
End <END> IconEnd End
Divide <DIVIDE> IconDivide Num/
Multiply <MULTIPLY> IconMultiply *
Subtract <SUBTRACT> IconSubtract Num-
Add <ADD> IconAdd +
Decimal <DECIMAL> IconDecimal Num.
Numpad Enter <NUMPADENTER> IconNumpadEnter Num↵
Numpad 0 <NUMPAD0> IconNumpad0 Num 0
Numpad 1 <NUMPAD1> IconNumpad1 Num 1
Numpad 2 <NUMPAD2> IconNumpad2 Num 2
Numpad 3 <NUMPAD3> IconNumpad3 Num 3
Numpad 4 <NUMPAD4> IconNumpad4 Num 4
Numpad 5 <NUMPAD5> IconNumpad5 Num 5
Numpad 6 <NUMPAD6> IconNumpad6 Num 6
Numpad 7 <NUMPAD7> IconNumpad7 Num 7
Numpad 8 <NUMPAD8> IconNumpad8 Num 8
Numpad 9 <NUMPAD9> IconNumpad9 Num 9
Insert <INSERT> IconInsert Ins
Home <HOME> IconHome Home
Apostrophe <APOSTROPHE> IconApostrophe '
Semicolon <SEMICOLON> IconSemicolon ;
Space <SPACE> IconSpace Space
Escape <ESCAPE> IconEscape Esc
Page Up <PRIOR> IconPrior Page↑
Page Down <NEXT> IconNext Page↓
Return <RETURN> IconReturn
Return <MENU_SELECT> IconMenuSelect ↵   
Back <BACK> IconBack Bkspc
Numlock <NUMLOCK> IconNumlock NumLk
Key <KEY> IconKey
Keywide <KEYWIDE> IconKeywide
Tab <TAB> IconTab Tab
Delete <DELETE> IconDelete Del
Left Shift <LSHIFT> IconLShift LShift
Right Bracket <RBRACKET> IconRBracket ]
Left Bracket <LBRACKET> IconLBracket [
Grave Accent <GRAVE> IconGrave `
Minus <MINUS> IconMinus =
Equals <EQUALS> IconEquals =
Backslash <BACKSLASH> IconBackslash \
Caps Lock <CAPITAL> IconCapital CapsLk
Right Shift <RSHIFT> IconRShift RShift
Comma <COMMA> IconComma ,
Period <PERIOD> IconPeriod .
Slash <SLASH> IconSlash /
Left Control <LCONTROL> IconLControl LCtrl
Left Alt <LALT> IconLAlt LAlt
Right Alt <RALT> IconRAlt RAlt
Apps <APPS> IconApps
Right Control <RCONTROL> IconRControl RCtrl
F1 <F1> IconF1 F1
F2 <F2> IconF2 F2
F3 <F3> IconF3 F3
F4 <F4> IconF4 F4
F5 <F5> IconF5 F5
F6 <F6> IconF6 F6
F7 <F7> IconF7 F7
F8 <F8> IconF8 F8
F9 <F9> IconF9 F9
F10 <F10> IconF10 F10
F11 <F11> IconF11 F11
F12 <F12> IconF12 F12


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Left Mouse Button <MOUSE_B0> IconMouseB0
Right Mouse Button <MOUSE_B1> IconMouseB1
Middle Mouse Button / Scroll Wheel <MOUSE_B2> IconMouseB2
Mouse Button 4 <MOUSE_B3> IconMouseB3
Mouse Button 5 <MOUSE_B4> IconMouseB4
Mouse Movement X Axis <MOUSE_X> IconMouseX
Mouse Movement Y Axis <MOUSE_Y> IconMouseY
Scroll up <MOUSE_WHEELUP> IconMouseWheelUp
Scroll down <MOUSE_WHEELDOWN> IconMouseWheelDown


Currency What you type What it looks like
Credits <CREDITS> IconCredits
Coupon <COUPON> IconCoupon
Platinum <PLATINUM_CREDITS> Platinum
Orokin Ducats <PRIME_BUCKS> OrokinDucats
Kuva <KUVA> Kuva64
Regal Aya <PRIME_TOKEN> IconPlaceholder


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Clan XP <CLAN_XP> IconClanXP
Mastery Rank 0 <RANK_0> IconRank0
Mastery Rank 1 <RANK_1> IconRank1
Mastery Rank 2 <RANK_2> IconRank2
Mastery Rank 3 <RANK_3> IconRank3
Mastery Rank 4 <RANK_4> IconRank4
Mastery Rank 5 <RANK_5> IconRank5
Mastery Rank 6 <RANK_6> IconRank6
Mastery Rank 7 <RANK_7> IconRank7
Mastery Rank 8 <RANK_8> IconRank8
Mastery Rank 9 <RANK_9> IconRank9
Mastery Rank 10 <RANK_10> IconRank10
Mastery Rank 11 <RANK_11> IconRank11
Mastery Rank 12 <RANK_12> IconRank12
Mastery Rank 13 <RANK_13> IconRank13
Mastery Rank 14 <RANK_14> IconRank14
Mastery Rank 15 <RANK_15> IconRank15
Mastery Rank 16 <RANK_16> IconRank16
Mastery Rank 17 <RANK_17> IconRank17
Mastery Rank 18 <RANK_18> IconRank18
Mastery Rank 19 <RANK_19> IconRank19
Mastery Rank 20 <RANK_20> IconRank20
Mastery Rank 21 <RANK_21> IconRank21
Mastery Rank 22 <RANK_22> IconRank22
Mastery Rank 23 <RANK_23> IconRank23
Mastery Rank 24 <RANK_24> IconRank24
Mastery Rank 25 <RANK_25> IconRank25
Mastery Rank 26 <RANK_26> IconRank26
Mastery Rank 27 <RANK_27> IconRank27
Mastery Rank 28 <RANK_28> IconRank28
Mastery Rank 29 <RANK_29> IconRank29
Mastery Rank 30 <RANK_30> IconRank30
Legendary 1 <RANK_31> IconRank31
Legendary 2 <RANK_32> IconRank32
Legendary 3 <RANK_33> IconRank33
Legendary 4 <RANK_34> IconRank34
Legendary 5 <RANK_35> IconRank35
Legendary 6 <RANK_36> IconRank36
Legendary 7 <RANK_37> IconRank37
Legendary 8 <RANK_38> IconRank38
Legendary 9 <RANK_39> IconRank39
Legendary 10 <RANK_40> IconRank40
Legendary 11 <RANK_41> IconRank41
Legendary 12 <RANK_42> IconRank42
Legendary 13 <RANK_43> IconRank43
Legendary 14 <RANK_44> IconRank44
Legendary 15 <RANK_45> IconRank45
Legendary 16 <RANK_46> IconRank46
Legendary 17 <RANK_47> IconRank47
Legendary 18 <RANK_48> IconRank48
Legendary 19 <RANK_49> IconRank49
Legendary 20 <RANK_50> IconRank50
Legendary 21 <RANK_51> IconRank51
Radial Button On <RADIAL_BUTTON_ON> IconRadialButtonOn
Radial Button Off <RADIAL_BUTTON_OFF> IconRadialButtonOff
Legendary Rank <LEGENDARY_RANK> LegendaryIcon


  • Energy and Health icons are animated.
Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Energy <ENERGY> IconEnergy
Health <HEALTH> IconHealth
Shield <SHIELD> IconShield


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Perrin Sequence <PERRIN> PerrinSequenceSigil
New Loka <LOKA> NewLokaSigil
Red Veil <REDVEIL> RedVeilSigil
Steel Meridian <MERIDIAN> SteelMeridianSigil
Arbiters of Hexis <HEXIS> ArbitersofHexisSigil
Cephalon Suda <SUDA> CephalonSudaSigil
Ventkids <VENTKIDS> IconVentkids
Vox Solaris <SOLARIS> IconVoxSolaris
Nightwave <LEGION> NightwaveEmblem
Neutral Syndicate <NEUTRAL_SYNDICATE> IconNeutralSyndicate
Cephalon Simaris <SIMARIS> CephalonSimarisSigil
Conclave <CONCLAVE> ConclaveSigil
Reputation <REPUTATION> ReputationLarge
Reputation Small <REPUTATION_SMALL> ReputationSmall
Ostron Price <OSTRON_PRICE> IconOstronPrice


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Nightwave <LEGION> NightwaveEmblem
Weekly <WEEKLY> IconWeekly
Nightwave Prestige <NIGHTWAVE_PRESTIGE> IconNightwavePrestige


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Conclave <CONCLAVE> ConclaveSigil
Moon Team <MOON_TEAM> IconMoonTeam
Sun Team <SUN_TEAM> IconSunTeam
Moon Team Dropped <MOON_TEAM_DROPPED> IconTeamDropped
Sun Team Dropped <SUN_TEAM_DROPPED> IconTeamDropped


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Daughter Token <DAUGHTER_TOKEN> DaughterToken
Father Token <FATHER_TOKEN> FatherToken
Grandmother Token <GRANDMOTHER_TOKEN> GrandmotherToken
Mother Token <MOTHER_TOKEN> MotherToken
Otak Token <OTAK_TOKEN> OtakToken
Son Token <SON_TOKEN> SonToken


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Sentinel <SENTINEL> IconSentinel
Archwing <ARCHWING> IconArchwing


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Owned Item <OWNED> IconOwned
Preview <PREVIEW> IconPreview
Mastered <MASTERED> IconMastered
Mastery Rank <MASTERY_RANK> IconMasteryRank
Mastery Rank Small <MASTERY_RANK_SMALL> MasteryAffinity64
Mastery Rank Locked <MASTERY_RANK_LOCKED> IconMasteryRankLocked
Tennogen <UGC> IconUGC
Bundle <BUNDLE> (Unavailable)


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Trade Request Sent <TRADE_REQUEST_SENT_ICON> IconTradeRequestSentIcon
Seeking Trade <SEEKING_TRADE_ICON> IconSeekingTradeIcon
In Trade <IN_TRADE_ICON> IconInTradeIcon

Special Characters[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Line Separator <LINE_SEPARATOR> IconLineSeparator
Empty String <""> (Unavailable)
Registered Trademark <REGISTERED_TRADEMARK> IconRegisteredTrademark
Registered Trademark Small <REGISTERED_TM_SMALL> IconRegisteredTMSmall
Trademark Small <TM_SMALL> IconTMSmall
Service Mark Small <SM_SMALL> IconSMSmall
Infinity <INFINITY> IconInfinity


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Railjack <RAILJACK> IconRailjack
Dirac <CREW_SHIP_FUSION_POINTS> IconPlaceholder
House Vidar <MANUFACTURER_VIDAR> HouseVidar
House Zekti <MANUFACTURER_ZEKTI> HouseZetki
House Lavan <MANUFACTURER_LAVAN> HouseLavan
Salvage <SALVAGE> IconSalvage
Avionics Capacity <AVIONICS_CAPACITY> Avionics

Online Vendors[]

Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Epic Games Store <EPIC> IconEpic
Steam <STEAM> IconSteam
Discord <DISCORD> IconDiscord


Symbol name What you type What it looks like
Ammo Mutation <AMMO_MUTATION> IconAmmoMutation
Reset <RESET> IconReset
Problem <PROBLEM> IconProblem
Big Problem <BIG_PROBLEM> IconProblem
Universal <UNIVERSAL> IconUniversal
Omega <OMEGA> IconVenusAlert
Warning <WARNING> IconWarning
Arcane <ENHANCER> IconEnhancer
Checker Really Small <CHECKER_REALLY_SMALL> IconChecker
Checker Small <CHECKER_SMALL> IconChecker
Checker Medium <CHECKER_MEDIUM> IconChecker
Checker Big <CHECKER_BIG> IconChecker
Checker Really Big <CHECKER_REALLY_BIG> IconChecker
Lotus <LOTUS> IconLotus
Plus <PLUS> IconPlus
Infested <INFESTED> IconInfested
Randomize <RANDOMIZE> IconRandomize
Upgrade <UPGRADE> IconUpgrade
Helminth <HELMINTH> IconHelminth

External Links[]


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Patch History[]

Hotfix 28.1.1 (2020-07-09)

  • Fixed the Railjack HUD sometimes showing "<SECONDARY_FIRE>" on the bottom-left instead of the button that Ordnance is bound to.

Update 25.3 (2019-07-06)