Tether is a battle Avionic that can be equipped in the second Avionic Grid slot. It emits a field that restricts the movement of enemy targets for a certain time and then detonates, dealing damage to all enemies in a decreased range. 


Rank Duration Field Range No. of Targets Explosion Damage Explosion Range Drain
0 8s 75m 2 1000 50m 4
1 12s 100m 3 1200 50m 5
2 13s 110m 4 1400 65m 6
3 14s 120m 6 1600 75m 7
4 15s 140m 6 1800 85m 8
5 16s 160m 7 2000 95m 8
6 18s 180m 8 2500 100m 8
7 20s 200m 10 3000 120m 8

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Reactivating the ability or shooting the Tether projectile can cause it to detonate early. It is recommended not to fire the projectile directly between the Railjack and enemies, to prevent the Tether from being shot prematurely in the process.
    • Both the Pilot and Gunners are able to detonate the projectile by shooting it, regardless of which cannon position initially fired the Tether.
  • Tether travels forward for about 500 meters before stopping (unless blocked by debris or asteroids), attempting to drag enemies affected toward it as it travels. Unlike Shatter Burst or Void Hole, reactivating Tether will not cause it to stop in place, but will instead release affected enemies without pulling them, which can make it difficult to control when combined with its premature detonations.
    • Alternately, this can be used to draw enemy ships away from the Railjack during a firefight, or tossed behind the Railjack by a side gunner to slow incoming fighters during evasive maneuvers or travel periods.
  • Can be used as a quick and cheap means to group enemies for Blackout PulseVoid Hole, the explosion from Fiery Phoenix, or Ordnance. Use caution when combining with Munitions Vortex, as the latter will not travel as far as a Tether rocket, and projectiles fired toward the Vortex could detonate the Tether.
  • Enemies dragged towards the Tether can receive collision damage from debris and asteroids between them and the Tether, which can often prove fatal even in Veil Proxima.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.0
  • Introduced.
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