• "We were led astray. We forgot the Conclave, so when that new evil came, we were not prepared. This is how we failed the Orokin. You went into stasis, but not me. I searched the long path for redemption, for the kind of balance only The Conclave can create. Now I return, only to find the Tenno still herded like livestock. Horrors from beyond the Outer Terminus are coming. You must prepare. You must accept The Conclave. Let it be your teacher and I its humble guide. For true balance can only be found in the face of the ultimate enemy. Yourself."
  • "The Lotus seduced the Tenno. Led them on a complacent path like oxen. I failed the Orokin but I will preserve their legacy. The Tenno. Now is the time for action. Cast off your harness and become a pupil of The Conclave. Through trial combat, I will prepare you for the evils beyond the Outer Terminus. A warrior only grows if they face the ultimate enemy. Themselves."

If Tempest Rank or HigherEdit

  • "Well met, Master! You bring honor... and fear to the Conclave."

When Attempting to Rank UpEdit

  • "My pupil, the next summit awaits. Are you ready to make the climb?"

When Ranking UpEdit

  • "Your growth honors the Conclave. But be warned, pupil. The biggest fish attracts the hungriest predators."

When Viewing OfferingsEdit

  • "You seek power, you pay in blood."
  • "Those who brave the thorn may eat the rare fruit."
  • "These offerings honor your suffering and practice."

The War Within TeaserEdit

  • "Even the most principled must bow to their nature when forced. Please, remember this"
  • "Surprise is a weapon best countered with preparation. Prepare for what you least expect."
  • "Pupil, if your Warframe becomes a useless husk without you, then what do you become without it?"
  • "Hesitation makes one vulnerable. When the unexpected happens, do not hesitate. Remember this."
  • "Consider the sword. Protect or kill; it chooses not, for it only obeys the will of its master."
  • "The river nurtures. Along its banks, life flourishes. And yet, when the storm swells, the river kills. You need the river, but don't ever trust it."
  • "You shouldn't have come here. You've ruined us both."
  • "You think you're safe behind that metal, but you're not."
  • "New strength creates new weakness. Pupil, can you balance these opposing forces?"

Conclave MatchesEdit


Time ReminderEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "One minute left."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Thirty seconds."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Twenty seconds."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Ten seconds remain"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Five..."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Four..."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Three..."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Two..."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "One..."



  • Conclave Sigil Black "Oro is the binding force for an enemy who, like the Tenno, can survive death. To kill such an enemy is futile, unless you sever this bond; absorb the Oro to annihilate it and claim a true victory."

Match StartEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "Free For All!"

Lead GainedEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have the most Oro."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You command the Oro now."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You lead the pack Tenno."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Tenno, you are in the lead."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "All others follow behind you."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You are at the head of the pack."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You are leading the Annihilation."

Lead LostEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "You've fallen behind."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have lost the lead."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Another Tenno has claimed more Oro."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "An adversary has overtaken the lead."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The lead has been taken by another Tenno."

Player Nearing VictoryEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "With five more Oro, you will take victory."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Annihilate five more Oro to win the match."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The Oro of five more fallen stands between you and victory."

Leader Nearing VictoryEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "The leader is just five Oro away from winning."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Only five Oro stands between an adversary and victory."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "An opponent needs to annihilate five more Oro to seal the match."

Match WonEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "The Annihilation is yours!"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have seized the win Tenno."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have won this Annihilation!"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Dedication and training have led you down the path to victory."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The match is yours but be mindful about feeding your ego this victory."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Even in victory you must ask yourself: are you truly ready for what lies ahead?"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Victory is yours, may the lessons you have learned here serve you well in battle. "

Match LostEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "Match lost."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have lost this match."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Match over. Meditate on this loss."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The match has ended. Even in defeat your readiness grows."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "This loss has illuminated your weakness Tenno. Practice will be your way."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Match over. In this loss know that the Conclave is a grindstone forever sharpening the Tenno."

Team AnnihilationEdit


  • Conclave Sigil Black "Out there exist an enemy that can be struck down, incapacitated, dismantled and yet they rise to fight again. Annihilate the opposing team's Oro to claim a true victory."

Match StartEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Team SUN!"
  • Conclave Moon "Team MOON!"

Lead GainedEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun is in the lead."
  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun dominates."
  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun has forged ahead."
  • Conclave Sun "The lead belongs to Team Sun."
  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun leads the Annihilation."
  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun has absorbed the most Oro."
  • Conclave Sun "The Annihilation belongs to Team Sun."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon is in the lead."
  • Conclave Moon "Team Moon dominates."
  • Conclave Moon "Team Moon leads Team Sun."
  • Conclave Moon "Team Moon has seized the lead."
  • Conclave Moon "Team Moon leads the Annihilation."
  • Conclave Moon "Team Moon has annihilated more Oro than Sun."

Nearing VictoryEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun needs five more Oro to win."
  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun only needs to annihilate five Oro to capture the match."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun needs five more Moon Oro to claim victory."
  • Conclave Sun "Team Sun team is five Oro from victory."
  • Conclave Sun "Five more annihilations until Sun has won the match."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun team nears victory. Five more Oro."
  • Conclave Moon "Five Sun Oro is all that separates Team Moon from victory."
  • Conclave Moon "Victory is five Sun Oro away for Team Moon."
  • Conclave Moon "Team Moon is within five Oro of victory."

Match EndEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun team annihilates Moon."
  • Conclave Sun "Victory dawns for Team Sun."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun shines bright in victory."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun has eclipsed Moon to win the match."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun team's blazing energy annihilates Moon team."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon annihilates Sun."
  • Conclave Moon "The match belongs to Team Moon."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon's surging tide swallows Sun."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon's tide annihilates Sun's light."
  • Conclave Moon "The Moon has lit the path to victory."

Match DrawEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "A draw. Moon and Sun have fought with equal skill."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Sun perfectly balances Moon's energy for a match draw."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Match draw. Both Sun and Moon honor The Conclave with their performance."

Cephalon CaptureEdit


  • Conclave Sigil Black "In times of war, knowledge is the brightest blade. Capture your enemy's Cephalon while defending your own."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Without intelligence, a vast enemy can be scattered. Defend your team's Cephalon. Capture the enemy's."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Awareness and calculation are the tools of warfare. Capture your opponent's Cephalon. Protect your own.

Match StartEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Team SUN!"
  • Conclave Moon "Team MOON!"

Cephalon TakenEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun Cephalon taken."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon Cephalon taken."

Cephalon DroppedEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun Cephalon dropped."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon Cephalon dropped."

Cephalon ReturnedEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun Cephalon returned."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon Cephalon returned."

Cephalon CapturedEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Point Sun!"
  • Conclave Sun "Moon Cephalon captured. Point Sun!"
  • Conclave Moon "Point Moon!"
  • Conclave Moon "Sun Cephalon captured. Point Moon!"

Winning PointEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun is one point from victory."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon is one point from victory."

Match EndEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun has won the match."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun's light has burned Moon's shadow away."
  • Conclave Sun "Moon was torn apart by Sun's furious light."
  • Conclave Sun "The fires of the Sun have turned the Moon to ash."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon has won the match."
  • Conclave Moon "The near Moon eclipses the far Sun."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon's surging tide washes away the Sun."
  • Conclave Moon "The oceans of Moon have extinguished the fire of Sun."

Match WonEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "With this victory your strength and reputation grows."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Your enemies will remember this day with humiliation."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Well earned, pupil. You fought with discipline and honor."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You impress me, pupil. You are on your way to higher Mastery."

Match LostEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "Failure teaches us more than victory. Reflect on your movements and summon a greater resolve."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The path to mastery has many setbacks. It is the true masters who remain unfaltering in their journey."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "This defeat is a lesson. Consider your mistakes. Study your enemy's movements. Grow from this moment on."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The enemy is but a mountain. With each fall you test its surface, learning the footholds needed to reach the summit."

Match DrawEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "The match ends in a draw."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "A stalemate between Sun and Moon."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "A deadlock between the Moon and Sun."



  • Conclave Sigil Black "Lunaro. Ancient sport of the lost Orokin Era. Here, on this abandoned field, Tenno will come together in the spirit of honor and teamwork to resurrect this forgotten tradition. Let me explain how it works..."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Lunaro is a team game, played on a field divided into two halves: Sun and Moon. The objective is simple: Get the ball, called a 'Lunaro' through the opponent's goal at the opposite end of the arena. The team with the most points by the end of the match wins the game."
The ArcataEdit
  • Conclave Sigil Black "To get possession of the Lunaro, you simply touch it. It will pull into your arm-mounted launcher, called your 'Arcata'. Launch the Lunaro by tapping the fire button. Holding the fire button for the duration of the throw will launch it further. To curve your shot, try launching the Lunaro from a slide. Your Arcata is also equipped with a range-limited attractor. Hold the aim button to attract the Lunaro when it is near. Catching, interceptions and guarding your team's goal rely on this."
Carrying the LunaroEdit
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The Lunaro contains an ancient and unstable energy. This creates a few carrying rules for the Lunaro. First, you cannot carry the Lunaro for more than 5 seconds, or it will explode. Second, you cannot Bullet Jump with the Lunaro. Doing so drops the Lunaro immediately. These rules encourage teamwork, passing and rebounds to attain victory."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Use your melee attack to check other players. Checking the ball carrier will jar the Lunaro loose. Repeated checking of a player will knock them down for a short time. The Lunaro itself can also be struck, making it dangerous and unstable for a few seconds. Being hit by an unstable Lunaro will knock you down."
Zone ClearingEdit
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Each team's goal has a semi-circle area on the field around it, called the Zone. After scoring, the attacking team must clear the defender's zone. Attackers within the zone will have their Arcatas disabled until they clear out. Play resumes with the Lunaro dropping from the defender's zone. Only the beginning and halftime Lunaro drops occur at center field."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Good passing is crucial to winning Lunaro. When aiming near a teammate you will see a chevron appear over them. Tapping pass with this chevron up will automatically pass to that player. Keep in mind it is still possible to intercept a pass, but a passed Lunaro moves faster and more accurately to a receiver than a standard launch."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Getting the Lunaro through the opponents goal is worth one point. If the goal is scored from outside the defender's zone, an additional point is given. If the Lunaro is unstable during the goal, an extra point is also awarded."
Tutorial CompleteEdit
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Now... practice in this empty arena. Familiarize yourself with the Arcata's launching and attracting modes. Practice scoring, rebounding and checking. Prepare yourself, Tenno, for the glory of the Lunaro!"


  • Conclave Sigil Black "For those of who have rejected the blood of Conclave, I call to you to join us in honor-bound tradition... Lunaro!"
  • Conclave Sigil Black"Here on the Lunaro pitch, we seek no injury, no death. We uphold the ancient traditions of sporting conduct and battle not for blood... but for glory."
  • Conclave Sigil Black"Lunaro. Here you will grow new dimensions of skill, focused not on violence, but on teamwork and coordination. Your prize, not war spoils, but friendship and harmony."

Match StartEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "Teams at the ready!"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Lunaro teams at the ready!"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Ready yourself for drop!"
  • Conclave Sigil Black "3... 2... 1... Lunaro!"

Goal ScoredEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Goal!"
  • Conclave Sun "Goal… Sun."
  • Conclave Sun "Point… Sun."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun scores!"
  • Conclave Sun "Sun with the goal."
  • Conclave Moon "Goal!"
  • Conclave Moon "Goal… Moon."
  • Conclave Moon "Point… Moon."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon scores!"
  • Conclave Moon "Moon with the goal."

Score RecapEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun widens the gap."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun extends its lead."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon widens the gap."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon extends its lead."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun now leads."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun moves ahead."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun takes the lead!"
  • Conclave Sun "Sun has pulled ahead."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon now leads."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon moves ahead."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon takes the lead!"
  • Conclave Moon "Moon has pulled ahead."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun still trails."
  • Conclave Sun "Moon still leads."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun is still behind."
  • Conclave Moon "Sun still leads."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon is still behind."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "The match is all tied up."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "With that goal, the match is tied."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun has tied the match."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon has tied the match."


  • Conclave Sigil Black "Halftime reached."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Tie game."
  • Conclave Sun "Sun team will need to work hard to close the gap."
  • Conclave Moon "Moon team will need to work hard to close the gap."

Match EndEdit

  • Conclave Sun "Sun wins the game!"
  • Conclave Sun "Match goes to Sun!"
  • Conclave Sun "Sun has won the match!"
  • Conclave Sun "Sun is victorious!"
  • Conclave Moon "Moon wins the game!"
  • Conclave Moon "Match goes to Moon!"
  • Conclave Moon "Moon has won the match!"
  • Conclave Moon "Moon is victorious!"

Match WonEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "Well done, Tenno. Savour this moment."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "I'm impressed. You're taking to the game as sharp does to steel."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Victory is yours… but always be humble in this win, giving honor to those you defeat."

Match LostEdit

  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have lost the game. Pivot your failures into experience and growth."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "Reflect on this loss… a stepping stone on your journey to mastering Lunaro."
  • Conclave Sigil Black "You have lost… yet you learn. Developing your skills is key to future victories."

During NatahEdit

  • So, pupil, the spring has ended. The Lotus blossom has snapped shut, her true nature revealed. Now we shall see if codependence can be broken. Let us begin to unravel her long-hidden truth.
  • The ghost you saw is of a menace long thought dead. They study us, study our enemies. Let us sharpen our knowledge of them.
  • Are these ghosts mere echoes of the past? Or are they more sinister, harbingers, calling for the old beast to awake. Here, this console will serve my purpose. Unlike your Lotus, I will not keep secrets from you. Exercise your training, defend the console.
  • I have, what I seek. Move on.
  • Access the console. Protect this console. Go.
  • My task is complete but the puzzle calls for one last piece. Advance to the final console.
  • This is it, the answer we seek lies within. Use this combat to sharpen your blades, I predict you will need them in coming battles.
  • I have found that which wanted to be hidden. Advance to extraction
  • This grineer is smarter than the others, more... volatile. We need to be cautious. Find his Sergeant, pupil. He will lead us to this tomb.
  • The Grineer have plunged these depths and awakened an old evil submerged here. Capture the Sergeant, he will know where this tomb is.
  • So... the petals have opened once more. But why now? Afraid of what we'll find?
  • The beast soon stirs, Lotus, revealing much. It will awaken and become whole again.
  • You know this one, don't you?
  • He knows where the tomb is - apprehend him.
  • We have our target. Advance to extraction.
  • Speak, Lotus. The pieces are set. It is your move.
  • It's not a tomb, Regor, it's a cage. If you open it...
  • Don't do it Regor...
  • Pupil, what is your Lotus hiding? Who is Natah?
  • The Sentient is awake, Natah. It will not be contained for long.
  • Those who pilfer meat from lions are either foolish or starving, which are you, Regor?
  • What is it talking about Lotus?
  • Lotus, what are you not telling us?
  • Natah? Lotus? You cannot hide this past any longer-
  • To destroy the Tenno.
  • And yet you were born to. So tell me... What made you stop? To reject your nature?
  • Natah wanted children of her own.

During The War WithinEdit

During Cinematic (second memory)Edit

  • You exist on the fold between two worlds. The world we know, of blood and steel, and the world that watches and dreams, the Void.

During Cinematic (fourth memory)Edit

  • Know this Tenno, that I am a Dax. A soldier of a lost era, the last of my kind. By Orokin hands we Dax were given great power, great strength... but an even greater weakness.
  • To obey their command. To never defy the Kuva, the Scepter, the symbols of their dominion. No Dax can ever raise steel against an Orokin. Only you can do that.

During Cinematic at the summitEdit

  • The world weighs more heavily on you now. Try not to lose yourself, Tenno.

During Warframe's Nintendo Switch release date trailerEdit

  • When hope dies, and war comes again, you will awaken. Sisters and brothers become nightmares of the horde. Become more than a warrior. Become Tenno.
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