Quick-moving heavy unit, armed with an energy bolt weapon.

Terra Overtaker is a Corpus enemy unit encountered in the Orb Vallis on Venus. Wielding a modified CrpSplitRifle.png Convectrix, they are capable of shooting homing energy bolts that explode on hit.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Resists 75% of all Cold b.png Cold, Blast b.png Blast, Magnetic b.png Magnetic, and Viral b.png Viral damage done to health.
  • They seem to spawn more often at Alert Level 3 & 4 at the Enrichment Labs and Level two or higher bounties.


Terra Elite Overtaker General Miscellaneous
Introduced Hotfix 24.0.9
Tileset Orb Vallis Codex Scans 5
Weapon CrpSplitRifle.png Convectrix Other Drops Coolant Blue Pigment
Statistics Mod Drops Melee Prowess 5.058%
Point Strike 5.058%
Shredder 5.058%
Charged Shell 0.884%
Cleanse Grineer 0.884%
Concussion Rounds 0.884%
Incendiary Coat 0.884%
Infected Clip 0.884%
Combustion Beam 0.134%
Handspring 0.134%
Ravage 0.134%
Flesh 800
Slash b.svg+ Toxin b.png++ Viral b.png++ Impact b.svg- Gas b.png-
Shield 500
Impact b.svg++ Cold b.png++ Magnetic b.png+++ Puncture b.svg- Radiation b.png-
Base Level 1
Spawn Level 30

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 24.0.9

  • Added Elite Terra Corpus enemies.

Hotfix 24.0.4

  • Lowered Terra Overtaker base damage from 120 to 60 and area damage from 50 to 25.

Update 24.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 24.0.9

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