The iridescent nodules on these plants glow brightly in cold environments.

—In-game Description

Tepa Nodule is resource that can be found all over Orb Vallis, growing in caves. It is also rewarded by Bounties.

Blueprints Requiring Tepa Nodule[edit | edit source]

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Arc Twelve Reactor K-Drive 15
Atheca Gyro MOA 20
Battacor.png Battacor Primary 40
Coldfusor Reactor K-Drive 15
Gauth Bracket MOA 15
Gaze Chamber Kitgun 15
Highbrow Reactor K-Drive 15
Hothead Reactor K-Drive 15
Jonsin Bracket MOA 15
Kriller Trophy Decoration 25
Mirewinder Trophy Decoration 25
Recaster Trophy Decoration 25
Tian Bracket MOA 15
Zip Loader Kitgun 20
Total 275

Last updated: Update 27.2

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