For the Steam software, see Warframe TennoGen.

TennoGen is a collection of community created content that are selected by Digital Extremes and subsequently implemented in the Market. These contents can only be purchased with bought Platinum on Consoles, and can only be purchased through the Steam client on PC. Revenue generated from the Market will then be split between Digital Extremes and the creator, with the creator getting 30% of cash revenue.[1]
Latest TennoGen: Round 20 - Part 2
Upcoming: Round 21

Steam Workshop[]

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The Warframe's Steam Workshop is a Steam library of community created items, where players can vote and discuss about prospective items to be implemented in-game. Creations must be submitted via the official Steam tool Warframe TennoGen. TennoGen skins are purchased in the Market using conventional currencies via Steam.

Warframe Helmets[]

Warframe Skins[]