TennoCon 2020 took place in London, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

The event was initially scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 11, 2020. However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the attendee event portion of TennoCon 2020 was canceled, the date was moved from July 11 to August 1, and the event instead was held entirely digitally.

The TennoCon relay was available from July 11th to 18th and from August 1st to 3rd where Baro Ki'Teer sold his entire past stock. A separate TennoLive 2020 relay was available on the day of TennoCon where all players were able to live preview models of enemies and objects relating to future content as TennoLive progressed, similar to the Leverian.

Athodai.png Athodai was a Twitch drop for those watching any TennoCon panel on Twitch for 30 minutes consecutive with their WARFRAME accounts linked to Twitch.

TennoLive[edit | edit source]

TennoLive aired on August 1st from 5 p.m. ET to 6:20 p.m. ET. It was hosted by [DE]Rebecca and joined by Creative Director Steve Sinclair, Studio General Manager Sheldon Carter, Design Director Scott McGregor, and Art & Animation Director Geoff Crookes.

Housekeeping[edit | edit source]

Hydroid PrimeIcon272.png Hydroid Prime was a Twitch drop for those watching TennoLive on Twitch for 30 minutes consecutive with their WARFRAME accounts linked to Twitch.

Players who were logged-in and inside the special TennoLive 2020 relay during TennoLive were awarded the Lemnas Staff Skin at the beginning and a Necramech Orbiter Decoration if they stayed until the end of TennoLive.

  • During the Heart of Deimos reveal, players inside the TennoLive Relay were teleported to explorable dioramas with in-game models of the new enemies and characters presented during TennoLive.
  • RedText engaged the players inside Tennocon Relays by displaying on-screen texts (instead of regular chat messages), spawned a Clem clone and Stalker to follow the Player around and could summon fireworks and make all players dance a Narta at the same time.

After the event, a 2x Affinity Booster week will start on August 1st to 12th[1] while a 2x Credit Booster week start on August 12th to 25th.

Heart of Deimos[edit | edit source]

The next mainline update for WARFRAME featuring a new Infested open-world/landscape area on the Martian moon, Deimos. Scheduled to release on all platforms on August 25, 2020.

  • New Infested celestial body: Deimos
    • Replaces Orokin Derelict as a location that can be accessed without using keys
  • New landscape: Cambion Drift
    • New player hub, Necralisk, Void Research Enclave
    • New Infested enemies of the "Gray Strain"
    • New enemy faction, the Entrati, who was responsible for harnessing the power of the Void
    • New characters
      • Loid and Otak, a Cephalon with a split-personality inside an Entrati robot
      • Mother, an Entrati fused with the Infested
    • New Syndicate associated with open-world
      • Unlock more lore about the Entrati family as players progress through their ranks
    • Procedurally generated underground areas
    • Smaller in area than Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon, but more vertically spaced
    • Fast travel system
    • Conservation, Fishing, and Mining activities included
    • New quest, "Heart of Deimos", associated with landscape
    • Xaku Warframe, the 44th broken Warframe—themed around manipulating the Void
      • Xata's Whisper: Imbues weapons with additional VoidTearIcon b.png Void damage
      • Grasp of Lohk: Disarms enemies to steal their weapons for Xaku to 'use'; enemy weapons surround Xaku and auto-fire
      • The Lost: Choose between 3 different Warframe abilities from the fallen Warframes that make up Xaku
        • Deny: Shoots out a Void beam, deals direct damage or creates a CC effect if they survive
        • Accuse: Creates a radial fissure that CCs
        • Gaze: CCs a target and nearby enemies have reduced defenses
      • The Vast Untime: Explode off the Warframe's parts, debuffing nearby enemies. In skeletal form, the player moves faster and have 75% damage reduction.
      • Blueprint unlocked through the new quest
    • New vehicle called Necramech, an Entrati sentry robot
    • New Set Mods
    • New boss, Necramech, fought within the depths of Entrati ruins
    • Features giant Infested worms Fass and Vome that provide light to the planet
    • Can now use sidearms while riding on K-Drives or the new dragonfly-like creatures
  • New Player Experience, as teased during TennoCon 2019
    • Veteran players have a chance to experience it
    • Overhauled scenery to match new CGI trailer
    • Polished Captain Vor fight, refined movement tutorials, and possibly new starter weapons to choose from
  • Helminth Chrysalis system
    • New way to customize Warframes by swapping their abilities with different Warframes or with an entirely new Helminth ability
    • New look to the Helminth Infirmary
    • Helminth is now an actual creature that players can feed resources to level it up
      • Resource sink
    • Non-prime Warframes can be sacrificed to the Helminth in order to extract one of their abilities to transfer over
      • Can only choose "non-signature" abilities or abilities that do not define the Warframe. For example, NekrosIcon272.png Nekros' Desecrate130xDark.png Desecrate cannot be used but VoltIcon272.png Volt's Shock130xDark.png Shock can. 4th abilities are also excluded from being used.
      • Augments carry over
      • Sacrificial process takes 24 hours
  • Updated End-of-Mission UI
  • HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid Deluxe

The Art of Warframe Panel[edit | edit source]

The pre-recorded panel aired from 1 p.m. ET to 2 p.m. ET. It was hosted by [DE]Danielle and joined by Art and Animation Director Geoff Crookes, Associate Art Director Lucas Hug, and special guest Concept Artist Keith Thompson.

  • New Warframes to be released in 2020.
    • Broken Warframe - Xaku
      • Signature warfan, syandana, and alt-helmet shown
    • Alchemist Warframe
    • Wraithe Warframe concept
      • Signature wrist-mounted sniper secondary, syandana, and alt-helmet concept art shown
  • HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid Deluxe concept and model
    • Will come with a coat-like Syandana, Diriga Deluxe skin, and an universal speargun skin
  • GaraIcon272.png Gara Deluxe concept and model
  • New ZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr Deluxe concept by Liger Inazuka
    • Will not replace the old concept of Zephyr Deluxe that was initially a passion project
  • New options for TennoGen: Claws, Machetes, Sparring, Armor pieces, Chain Swords, and Landing Crafts
  • New weapon skin bundle by Liger with universal skins for shotguns, pistols, and whips
    • New Syandana included in bundle
  • Nightwave: Series 3 - Glassmaker's sword and the Glassmaker himself reveal
  • Infested themed
    • New Infested enemies
      • Infested Femur, now called the Deimos Saxum.
      • Infested Bone Blade, shoots off pieces of its spines, now called the Deimos Jugulus.
      • Infested Ashen, a centipede-like creature, now called the Deimos Carnis.
    • New Infested claws and arm-cannon
    • Infested Kubrows and Kavats, now known as Predasites and Vulpaphylas.
    • Infested Domestik Drone

Sounds of the System Panel[edit | edit source]

The pre-recorded panel aired from 2 p.m. ET to 3 p.m. ET. It was hosted by [DE]Helen and joined by Audio Director George Spanos, Sound Designer Erich Preston, and special guest Voice Actor Antonio Greco (voice of Erra)

Covered how the following sounds were made:

Hydroid Prime Trailer[edit | edit source]

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