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This template will make a link to the weapon and displaying a tooltip of the weapon when hovered upon. It will only accept the exact name of the weapon.
Type {{Weapon|Weapon name}} as a replacement for weapon link.
Input examples
  • {{Weapon|Zarr}}

In case of exalted weapons, the suffix (Weapon) doesn't require removal but would be prefered.

Of course there is a single exception to suffixes, Dark Split-Sword. It can be linked with the general name or with either one of its variations.

Incorrect weapon name gives an error. The name is case sensitive as well.

Technical stuff

The template calls p.weaponTooltipText in Module:Weapons for the link text.

  • If the Weapon exists, class="weapon-tooltip" data-param="{{#var:Name}}" tells javascript that this text wants a tooltip, which is made by {{Tooltip/Weapon}}.
  • If the weapon doesn't exist, the error is shown instead of a redlink along with Category:Weapon Tooltip error added on that page.

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