The WFmax Template Generates a table of ability/abilities that allows users to see the variation of the stats according to the input of base values (Ability Strength, Ability Duration and so on).
Type {{WFmax|<table_name>|<(warframename)(in case of specific table --> abilitynumber + _aug if augment, otherwise empty)>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Note that WFmax can only be called once inside pages, otherwise the first input table will affect every output table present in that page.
Sample output
{{WFmax|target|excalibur}} gives...

Input table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded
Result table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded

Possible parameters are
for input table (in case of multiple parameters, those are ordered alphabetically):
main (only adds main input values), armor (adds main values and armor-related fields), target (adds main values and adds N of target field), armor_target (adds main, armor and target fields)
for output:
frost3 (FrostIcon272.pngFrost's 3rd ability), mag4_aug (MagIcon272.pngMag 4th ability's augment, which includes the base ability)
How To Edit the Template
All the code is inside MediaWiki:Maximization.js and MediaWiki:Maximization.css, which can be edited only by admins. In case of typos or update contact one of those or User:TunaInABottle
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