Update 7.0



Usage: Just like the previous version of this template, {{ver|The update's name/number}}, but there is no need to mention "fix" or such. There is no need to go on a editing-spree to remove "fix" / "nn" from the t:ver from the pages as this new version just ignores the second parameter completely.

Incorrect update number gives an error and adds the page to Category:Ver check.


Note: Update 19's named updates used to require "fix" to differentiate hotfixes from updates but now even number updates have a dot and 0 after the number. (just check the Update 19 if my rambling is incoherent on this matter)

The data is pulled from Module:Version/data with Module:Version. Each update has a name and one or more aliases. The template gives the update's link with the name or any of the aliases. The template isn't case-sensitive.

If in doubt, you can use the exact name of the update, e.g. the one displayed as a header in the update list on Update pages.

U19 named update shortcuts
  • Specters of the Rail = SotR
  • The Silver Grove = TSG
  • The Vacuum Within = TVW
  • The Index Preview = TIP
  • Recurring Nightmares = RN
  • Recurring Dreams = RD
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