Dev template that will accept all faction types as input.

The template uses Module:FactionScript and Module:FactionScript/data.

{{FactionScript|faction|text to be translated|size}}
{{FactionScript|corpus|steins gate is overrated|15}}
{{FactionScript|grineer|steins gate is overrated|17}}
{{FactionScript|corpus|the cake is a lie|20}}
{{FactionScript|grineer|the cake is a lie|25}}

Corpus SCorpus TCorpus ECorpus ICorpus NCorpus S   Corpus GCorpus ACorpus TCorpus E   Corpus ICorpus S   Corpus OCorpus VCorpus ECorpus RCorpus RCorpus ACorpus TCorpus ECorpus D
Grineer SGrineer TGrineer EGrineer IGrineer NGrineer S   Grineer GGrineer AGrineer TGrineer E   Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer OGrineer VGrineer EGrineer RGrineer RGrineer AGrineer TGrineer EGrineer D
Corpus TCorpus HCorpus E   Corpus CCorpus ACorpus KCorpus E   Corpus ICorpus S   Corpus A   Corpus LCorpus ICorpus E
Grineer TGrineer HGrineer E   Grineer CGrineer AGrineer KGrineer E   Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer A   Grineer LGrineer IGrineer E

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