Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template has the sole purpose of providing information to the routines Template:DisplayPlanet and Template:DisplayMissiontype. Anything about layout will be done by those routines. As those routines are implemented on several pages on the wiki, any change done here will be automatically updated on all those pages. But if you mess this up, all those pages will be messed up as well, so please stay away from any changes to this page, that go beyond those described below.
If you got any question about this template, do not hesitate to ask me here.

How to edit

Any mission for this planet can be input like this:

name, faction, missiontype, levelrange, tile,

None of these informations nor their order is obligatory. In case any is unknown, put a placeholder like "unknown," there.
Spaces and linebreaks are not required but used for easier reading.
For Crossfire missions the faction has to be crossfire (note that it is lowercase!).
IMPORTANT: Note that there is a "," between each information and one at the end of each set of data for one mission, except for the last one!

Before editing anything (changing or adding information) please take a minute or two to understand the general structure of the table below.

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