With every enemy struck down the Telos Syandana glows stronger.

—In-Game Description

The Telos Syandana is an exclusive Syandana available only from the Arbiters of Hexis. It glows brighter for a short duration as more enemies are killed during a mission.


The Telos Syandana can be acquired by attaining the rank of Maxim under the Arbiters of Hexis and spending ReputationLargeBlack100,000 to purchase.


  • The Syandana will glow brighter for a short duration after each kill during a mission.
    • After around 20 melee kills, the Syandana will begin to visibly drip with blood. Then it will continue to become progressively bloodier until the maximum of about 100 melee kills is reached.
    • Headshot kills also make the syandana drip with blood.


  • When changing your accessory energy color, the previous color that was selected will blend with the new color on the syandana until you exit the color menu. The effect is only visible in the color selection screen however.


  • Syndana pre-kill
  • Syndana Post-Kill (Duration : ~1s)
  • Syndana post melee kill (Duration : Entire Mission)
  • Alternate view of bloody Telos Syandana (100+ melee kills)
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