TeleportModx256 Teleport130xWhite

Ash teleports towards the target, bringing him into melee range and making enemies vulnerable to finishers.

Introduced in Vanilla (2012-10-25)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:N/A
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:20 / 45 / 45 / 60 m

Misc: Stagger on teleport
Melee finisher prompt
100 % (energy discount on Blade Storm target)


  • Ash expends EnergyOrb25 energy to perform a somersault as he teleports to a target within AbilityRangeBuff20 / 45 / 45 / 60 meters on his aiming reticle. If the target is an enemy, it is staggered and opened to a melee finisher attack.
    • Eligible teleport targets include: enemies, allies, hostages, Cryopods, Excavators, and destructible objects.
    • If the enemy cannot be attacked with a melee finisher (either due to positioning or the enemy type), it will be susceptible to Stealth Damage Multipliers from melee attacks for the duration of the stagger.
      • As with SmokeScreen130xWhite Smoke Screen, coming into physical contact with the enemy while attacking will temporarily remove the damage bonus.
  • Ability Synergy: Teleport costs 0 energy on a marked enemy target during BladeStorm130xWhite Blade Storm's Shadow Clones assault phase. Ash will teleport to the targeted enemy and strike it and all remaining marked enemies in a cinematic cutscene sequence.
    • When an unmarked enemy is targeted instead, Ash will attack it once before striking all remaining marked enemies.
  • Requires direct line of sight to a small part of the target to cast.
  • Note that using Teleport on enemies will alert them to your presence, preventing you from receiving the Stealth Kill affinity bonus.
    • Wardens additionally lose the massive stealth attack bonus they receive from normal stealth attacks.


Main article: Fatal Teleport

Fatal Teleport is a Warframe Augment Mod for AshIcon272 Ash that causes Teleport130xWhite Teleport to immediately perform a melee finisher upon teleporting to the target, with an additional damage multiplier. Additionally, if the finisher kills its target, 50% of Teleport's energy cost is refunded.

Fatal Teleport

Tips & Tricks

  • Teleport can trigger Mod TT 20px Covert Lethality, dealing significant damage.
  • Using Teleport on an unmarked enemy while Blade Storm is active will allow Ash to mark said enemy at no energy cost.
  • Teleport allows for rapid movement through a tileset.
  • The Tips for Teleport in Ash's preview screen show that it can be used to get to any of its listed targets as long as there is Line-of-Sight, but as of now that does not work. It will simply say, "Target Obstructed", or, "Invalid".
    Can be seen on the character page for Ash toward the end of tips.


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