Tear Azurite is a resource crafted from Azurite. Each build yields 10 Tear Azurites.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 1 min
Rush: Platinum64.png 5
MarketIcon.png Market Price: N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price: ReputationBlackx64.png1,000

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The reusable blueprint can be purchased from Old Man Suumbaat for ReputationLargeBlack.png1,000, requiring the rank of Neutral with the Ostron.

Blueprints Requiring Tear Azurite[edit | edit source]

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Balla Strike Zaw 10
Mote Amp Amp 20
Ooltha Strike Zaw 10
Plague Kripath Strike Zaw 10
Rahn Prism Amp 30
Raplak Prism Amp 30
Sepfahn Strike Zaw 10
Zipfire Loader Kitgun 10
Total 130

Last updated: Hotfix 29.9.1

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Ostron faction requires 10 Tear Azurites to advance from Offworlder to Visitor.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 22.0.3

  • Common and Uncommon Gems are now built in batches of 10.

Update 22.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 22.0.5

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