Targeting Receptor is a mod that allows Helios to attack a nearby enemy with "a devastating Glaive-esque attack".


Rank Range Simultaneous Parts Cost
0 10m 1 0
1 10m 2 1
2 10m 3 2
3 10m 3 3

Notes Edit

  • Upgrading the mod allows Helios to fire more "Glaives" in rapid succession before it needs to reload.
  • Prior to the introduction of Assault Mode, without this mod equipped, the Helios would not attack enemies. Now, both Assault Mode and this mod enables Helios to attack enemies.
  • There is a bug that causese Helios to take 6 times longer to attack the next target when this mod is equipped. Helios will attack the next target immediately when the Assault Mode is equipped.
  • If you are invisible, the Helios will not attack.
  • The "Glaives" are aimed so that they hit as many enemies as possible, both on the way to their initial target and on the way back, including bounces.
  • If the initial target is killed, Helios will proceed to reload even if there are many other enemies around and there are more Glaives left in the "magazine".
  • Mod TT 20pxReach can be installed to increase the range of its attack to 16 meters.


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