Targeting Receptor is a mod that allows Helios to attack a nearby enemy with "a devastating Glaive-esque attack".


Rank Range Simultaneous Parts Cost
0 10m 1 0
1 10m 2 1
2 10m 3 2
3 10m 3 3

Notes Edit

  • Upgrading the mod allows Helios to fire more "Glaives" in rapid succession before it needs to reload.
  • Prior to the introduction of Mod TT 20pxAssault Mode, without this mod equipped, the Helios would not attack enemies. Now, both Mod TT 20pxAssault Mode and this mod enables Helios to attack enemies.
  • There is a bug that causes Helios to take 6 times longer to attack the next target when this mod is equipped. Helios will attack the next target immediately when the Mod TT 20pxAssault Mode is equipped.
  • If you are invisible, the Helios will not attack.
  • The "Glaives" are aimed so that they hit as many enemies as possible, both on the way to their initial target and on the way back, including bounces.
  • If the initial target is killed, Helios will proceed to reload even if there are many other enemies around and there are more Glaives left in the "magazine".
  • Mod TT 20pxReach can be installed to increase the range of its attack to 16 meters.


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