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Elite Corpus robot. Launches tether-mines to ensnare opponents. Kinetic gun blasts have a strong knockback effect. Deploys defensive Aurax Moas to shield itself.

Tarask Bursas are Corpus VIP units encountered during Corpus Empyrean missions. They, or an Optio, will appear as the final target of secondary objective sabotages in points-of-interest.


  • Their primary weapon fires a small energy orb dealing DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity damage that explodes on impact, causing a shockwave similar to a Grineer Powerfist. The energy orbs will ricochet off of terrain once and will automatically detonate after traveling 40 meters.
  • Deploys 4 tether mines that tether and slow the movements of targets within a radius of 10m.
  • Periodically summons an Aurax Culveri MOA and an Aurax Polaris MOA as support. The two Aurax MOAs will stay close to the Tarask Bursa and will be tethered to it with a red or blue electrical link as long as they are within ~7 meters. While the Aurax MOAs are tethered, the Tarask Bursa gains significant damage reduction.
    • DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation procs and similar effects have no effect on the damage reduction link, but will cause the Aurax MOAs to target the Bursa.
    • If one Aurax MOA is disabled, the Tarask Bursa can resummon it after a brief period. Disabling one Aurax MOA will slightly reduce the damage reduction effect.

Damage Reduction[]

Tarask Bursas gain a 90% damage reduction for each Aurax Culveri MOA or Aurax Polaris MOA tethered to it, with no limit. Multiple tethers stack multiplicatively.

Tarask Bursas also possess Damage Reduction that scales depending on your weapon's DPS excluding critical hits. DPS is calculated by

Critical Hits are applied after the damage resistance is calculated. Additionally, the average DPS is calculated using all health/shield modifiers, other sources of damage reduction, and is quantized.

Patch History[]

Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)

  • Introduced.