^ I'll have you know I was unable to play the events that supplied them (I was on a 2-year religious trip), but I was there when Dex Furis were originally released, but since returning I've been farming for any wraith or strun weapon I could get my hands on. So far, I have none. So you have nothing to say about noobs not having to grind for these weapons, because the event was much easier to get them than they are now, and there is even more grinding involved. DE never stated these would be exclusive to those events, whereas Excalibur Prime they've said is exclusive to founder since the very beginning. Ignis Wraith they did say was exclusive to that event, and would be availible as clan research to Clans who earned it, so that is exclusive. My point being, you got lucky to get those weapons the way you did, as now they're even more of a pain in the * to get and require waiting for months for the right pieces to become availible. So sit your priviliged * down and quit whining

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