Easily one of the best melee weapons now with the melee rework. Should be the second strongest by a small degree to the first (Kronen Prime) with bonuses that boost it to being the best pair of tonfa, in my opinion. It won't be able to achieve tier 3 crits anymore without the Gladiator set (or a combination of the Gladiator Set and Sacrificial Steel) because of the way Blood Rush is now calculated; however:

- Range mods being additive now make it hit considerably further than before. Because of the range increase, I find them strangely effective at dissipating Nullifier bubbles. If you usually use slow guns, consider trying them out. You don't even have to worry about multiple Nullifiers on top of each other because they'll hit multiple bubbles at the same time.

- Gemini Cross and Sovereign Outcast were changed and their hardest-hitting moves are incredibly simple to execute. Both are close in TTK, but I find Sovereign Outcast's Rogue Edict superior since it's a lot faster than Gemini Cross's Vagrant Blight and has multiple multi-hits in the combo. It makes it easier for fluid target transition and more procs/combo counter additions. Gemini Cross is flashier, though.

- Tonfas share a spot of having the second largest slam radii of melee weapons, just behind hammers. They also share a spot of having the second largest block angle of melee weapons, just behind sword & shields.

- If you're a fan of heavy attacks, tonfas are right in the middle when it comes to the wind up but they also hit twice during it. The only other weapon types that exhibit this behaviour are daggers, dual daggers, dual swords, and machetes (machetes hit 4x, though).

- For weapon-specific bonuses that make it better than Kronen Prime, in my opinion, the passive of increasing bullet jump, rolls, aim glide, and wall latch are nice and both effects of Stormpath are effective CC. As enemies are being pulled, they get staggered and have to adjust to their new location before they start attacking. The second portion is nice for emergencies but can be a hindrance since enemies start floating away. Both effects seem lenient in their ability to affect enemies since I find them able to influence enemies behind cover rather generously. The first effect of Stormpath is amazing when paired with Magus Lockdown since you can Void Dash in place as they're being pulled to you and they'll be forced to take stealth multipliers until the effect's over due to how Magus Lockdown works.

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