Very few weapons come with an innate passive and there's no other weapons that give a permanent bonus like Telos Boltace. The Truth effect is a more potent version of Telos Boltace's passive but it only lasts 30 seconds and the bonus is negligible for the up time and requirements to trigger it. Most weapons with passives will either be Primes or Syndicate melee weapons like Rakta Dark Dagger granting Mind Haze for thirty seconds upon bringing it out.

There's only a few ways to directly buff bullet jump velocity, which mainly come from mods like Ice Spring, Mobilize, or Proton Pulse. Titania's passive gives her +25% to both bullet jumps and rolls. Arcane Consequence and Arcane Agility also exist, though I'd recommend Consequence as it's reliable, especially with certain weapons and abilities like Seeking Talons.

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