I think this thing's damage resistance should be revisited. As it is with the flat damage resisitance, many weapons (particularly high RoF low base damage weapons) are completely useless against it, as well as anything with a status build. For example, I've been using the Acrid modded for Viral and toxin damage, with a focus on increasing DoT. With it, I can easily take down a lv. 85 Elite Lancer in 10-12 shots, at lv.15. However at the same level, one Nox drained my entire ammo pool (over 200) and then some. The DoT was completely negated, and even with headshots the damage was reduced from ~85 to ~20. Normally this wouldn't be as big an issue if they were specific to a planet or mission node, similar to the Prosecutors on Ceres. Alternatively they could simply have huge armor values, even surpassing that of a Bombard. But as it is, these enemies are detering me from playing any Grineer mission without carrying along some ridiculously overpowered weapon just in case. I can only imagine newer players who don't have that luxury coming across one, or God forbit, two in some early Earth mission. 

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