This mod is worth it, but only in a sense of maximizing straight up damage, as we have too many mandatory mods to ever consider this stuff. DE is great at making new content but they are very bad at fixing old systems, like how they recently overcomplicated the UI. 

For this mod in particular, it allows for some decent synergies like with Gaurda's fourth ability to have a chance at slash procs, modding the weapon for viral, and having that one shot potential on level 160 enemies. However, adding a bane mod and hunter munitions (with Vigilante Armamentsso you can fire up to 3 bullets at a time to increase that chance) it ends up being pretty good.

Maybe if this mod did what it does now, but also had a bonus effect where it had a small chance (10% maybe) of instantly killing an enemy with a headshot (minus special enemies like nox, or bosses obviously) then it would be worth putting in. For a nightwave reward, it's really lame.

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