The Tainted Shell mod reduces the spread of Shotgun fire by -7% per rank while also decreasing the fire rate by -5% per rank for a maximum of reduced spread by -77% and reduced fire rate by -55% at rank 10.


Rank Spread Fire rate Cost
0 -7% -5% 4
1 -14% -10% 5
2 -21% -15% 6
3 -28% -20% 7
4 -35% -25% 8
5 -42% -30% 9
6 -49% -35% 10
7 -56% -40% 11
8 -63% -45% 12
9 -70% -50% 13
10 -77% -55% 14


  • Adding this mod does not decrease Shotgun falloff damage.


  • This mod is ideal for shotguns with high fire rate with wide spread like the Boar and Boar Prime as the mod concentrates the pellet flow against a single target, though this would hamper the DPS capabilities of the modded shotgun.
    • This also blends effectively with Shotgun Spazz, as the rate of fire will remain almost unhindered while receiving the benefit of a narrower spread.
  • Due to its lack of falloff damage, this mod is useful in decreasing the spread of the Drakgoon allowing it to hit distant enemies more effectively.
  • Because of the Tigris's duplex trigger, it can benefit from this mod with practically no drawback. Sancti Tigris comes with an innate Vazarin Pol polarity, reducing the high capacity requirement.
    • The decrease in fire rate increases the delay before the Tigris automatically reloads after emptying it's magazine. This can be remedied by pressing the Reload button right after firing the second shot
    • If Tigris is given more than 2 shots per magazine with appropriate mods, or if the weapon gets corrupted in a Void Fissure, the delay after every 2 shots is increased noticeably.
  • Adding this mod to the Phage will only decrease the initial cone of the beams.


  • This is the first mod to reduce the actual spread of gunfire, rather than simply the recoil.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 10.3
  • Introduced along with Orokin Vaults.

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