The Tactical Pump mod increases reload speed of a shotgun by 5% per rank for a maximum of 30% at rank 5.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +5% 2
1 +10% 3
2 +15% 4
3 +20% 5
4 +25% 6
5 +30% 7


  • The calculation of reload time using reload speed is:
    • Reload Time = Base Reload Time ÷ (1 + Reload Speed Bonus)
    • At max rank, reduces reload time by an estimated 22.5%.
  • Sustained DPS is increased by reload speed modifiers at the same rate as magazine size modifiers. In the case of shotguns, using Mod TT 20pxAmmo Stock instead of Tactical Pump is recommended, as it reduces the time spent reloading during the mission by twice the benefit. See this page for more details.
  • Can be combined with Mod TT 20pxChilling Reload and Mod TT 20pxSeeking Fury for a maximum 85% reload speed bonus, granting an approximate ~46% reduction of reload time.


  • Prior to Update 16.7, this mod was usable in PvP games until it was replaced by its own specific PvP mods.


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