The following page is the Standard Guidelines page in Styling & Formatting for Warframe pages.

  • The Main and Prime pages follow near-identical formatting.



{{WarframeNavVisual}} - for Navigation of Warframes above the page

{{WarframeNav}} - for Navigation of Warframes below the page

Main & Prime

{{PrimeAccess}} - Box for the Prime Warframe currently available in for purchase Prime Access

{{Warframe}} - Infobox for Warframe

{{Codex}} - In-game codex entry of Warframe

{{Quote}} - Quote for Warframe

{{BuildRequire/Warframe}} - Build Requirements for the Warframe

{{GuideExhort}} - Guide Box for User-made Guides for Warframe


{{AbilityU10.3}} - Infobox for Warframe Ability

{{AbilityModBenefits}} - Ability Benefits from Strength, Duration, and Range Mods


Our total page on each Warframe page should look similar to the following. "Warframe" should be replaced with the Warframe's name:


<div class="tabbertab-borderless"><tabber>Main = {{:Warframe/Main}}
|-|Prime = {{:Warframe/Prime}}
|-|Abilities = {{:Warframe/Abilities}}
|-|Information = {{:Warframe/Info}}
|-|Alternate Equipment = {{:Warframe/Equip}}
|-|Media = {{:Warframe/Media}}
[[de:Deutsch/German Warframe page]]
[[ru:Русский/Russian Warframe page]]
[[fr:Français/French Warframe page]]


Warframe (Main) Tab|Main
Warframe (Prime) Tab|Prime
Warframe (Abilities) Tab|Abilities
Warframe (Info) Tab|Information
Warframe (Equip) Tab|Alternate Equipment
Warframe (Media) Tab|Media


When creating a page for a Warframe we use tabview in an overall effort to reduce stress on the Navigation between frames and the scrolling required on the pages themselves.

Several pages need to be made for the Warframe and added to the Tabview Category:

Warframe Name/Main

This page holds the basic description for the Warframe, the manufacturing requirements, and trivia.

| name           = Warframe Name
| image          = Warframe Image
| health         = Base Health (Max Health at rank 30)
| armor          = Armor
| shieldcapacity = Base Shield (Max Shield at rank 30)
| shieldrecharge = Shield Recharge Rate
| powercapacity  = Base Power (Max Power at rank 30)
| sprintspeed    = Sprint Speed
| stamina        = Stamina 
| polarities     = 1x {{Icon|Pol|D}}<br> 1x {{Icon|Pol|V}}
| aurapolarity   = Aura Polarity
{{Codex|Codex Entry for Warframe from ingame Codex

Component blueprints drop from [[Boss]] (Node, [[Planet]])


==Warframe Guides==
''See [[:Category:Warframe Guides]] to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe.''

This section includes Trivia relating to the Warframe such as its appearance, attributes or traits. 

Warframe Name/Prime

This page holds the basic description for the Prime version of the Warframe, the manufacturing requirements, and trivia.

Warframe Name/Abilities

This page holds the ability information of the Warframe. All the Warframe's abilities should be here.

Warframe Name/Info

This holds the overview of the information for the Warframe. This should not be opinionated.

Warframe Name/Equip

This page is for the alternate equipment that is available for the Warframe. This is not a page for build setups, but a page for things that modify the appearance or performance of the Warframe.

Warframe Name/Media

This page is for photos and other media for the Warframe.

A section should be added to the coding of the page that provides the links to the other pages should an editor that is unfamiliar with editing tabviews can find the other pages. Example below: